Added Sugar Toxic Addictive

Anti-smoking activism

Biocryst Therapeutics - rare disease treatment pioneers (Nasdaq: BCRX)

Cayenne Pepper Benefits

Cognition Therapeutics - important advances in treatment of Alzheimer and other neurodegenerative diseases (Nasdaq: CGTX)


Ovulation, Sex, Period, Etc.

Prostate, Soy, Testosterone, Etc.

Protein, Meat, Health, Environment

Research on TV

Review of Whole Brain Living

Tips For Quitting Smoking

Tips For Quitting Smoking - Persian

Various Health Articles

Vegetarian Eating


Advice To Neighbors

Alexander Wyglinski And New York Times Spreading Lies About 5g Safety

Big 5G Lies

Captured FCC

Corruption at FDA

Curse of LED and EMF

Dangers of Wireless Pollution

EMF Links

EMF Measuring Device / EMF-Messgerät

Genotoxic Wireless Pollution

Grosse 5G-Lügen

Hardell-Ganjavi Project

ICNIRP Scandal

Ken Foster's Conflict of Interest

Key Advice For Fighting 5G Antennas

Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD, correcting Olle Johansson, PhD

PBS Industry Bias


Ratschläge für Nachbarn



Subtitle CN

Subtitle DE

Subtitle FR

Subtitle IT

Subtitle PL

Subtitle RU

Subtitle SP

Swiss EMF Deception

Various Letters

Videos by Scientists & Activists

Wichtige Ratschläge für den Kampf gegen 5G-Antennen

Woowoo EMF Gadgets

Advice on Fighting 5G Antennas (PDF)

Oncology Letters: Further Exposure of Martin Roosli and ICNIRP

Professor Hardell & Top Scientists Take On ICNIRP's Martin Roosli

Professor Hardell und Spitzenwissenschaftler nehmen es mit Martin Roosli von der ICNIRP auf

Ratschläge zur Bekämpfung von 5G-Antennen (PDF)

Reza Ganjavi's RF-EMF Presentation

50 Questions To Sunrise CEO

Edith Graf Litscher's Wireless Industry Lobbying

Edith Graf Litschers Lobbyarbeit für die Mobilfunkindustrie


Exposing Salt's Lies

Genotoxic Forest Antenna

Genotoxische Waldantenne

Letters to Swiss Education Minister

Roger Federer Playing Puppet of Industry

Schweizer Gesundheitsminister Alain Berset Funkverschmutzung Heuchelei


Sommaruga Letters

Swiss BAFU's Dishonest Conduct

Swiss Health Minister Alain Berset Wireless Pollution Hypocrisy

Swiss Woowoo Activist Andreas Gross

Swisscom CEO's Lies

Swisscom's Proven Lies

Various Letters on Swiss EMF Pollution, Dishonesty, etc.

Verschiedene Briefe zur Schweizer EMF-Belastung, Unehrlichkeit, usw.


IT Career Overview




Videos & Photos


Classical Guitar Repertoire

Comments on CDs In Friendship and Dancing Hands

Comments on Clean Planet Song

Comments on Réza Ganjavi's Music

Dancing Hands CD Info

In Friendship CD Info

My Guitar Teachers

Online Stores / Order CDs

Press Reviews


Reza Ganjavi's Activism & Journalism References

Comments Website

Feedback From Hosts, Etc., About Reza Ganjavi

Reza Ganjavi's Personal References

Reza Ganjavi's Professional And Academic References

A Psychological Philosopher


Cyber Stalker's Apology to Reza Ganjavi

Information page about Karyopharm Therapeutics and its stock (Nasdaq: KPTI)

How I Dealt With Gang Cyber Stalkers / Bullies, and Discovered Their Identities, and Stopped Them.
Reza Ganjavi vs. Todd Tipton, Jeremy C. Smith, William Jennings, Douglas Carlson et al.

Horrible Customer Service At Tradingshenzhen

Daniel Peyer Judge Baden Court Aargau

Daniel Peyer Richter Baden Gericht Aargau

Karyopharm KPTI Mismanagement

Others' Writings

Profound Quotes Of Wisdom, Hand Picked By Reza Ganjavi

Technical Tips

Various Articles About The Planet, Environment, Ecosystem

1001 Sayings Of Reza Ganjavi

Autobiography (coming up)

Book Of Love

Essays & Articles


On J. Krishnamurti's Work (rough draft)


20 Hours in a Remote Island

38-Year-Old Woman In Search Of The Perfect Man

A Big Swiss Party

A Contest

A Day In The Life

A day in the life of a 4-year-old

A Flight From Los Angeles To Norway

A Funeral in Switzerland

A Hot Writeup About Cars, Trains, etc.

A Letter To Kabir

A Letters on Relationship

A spontaneous email in reply to a friend

A talk with an ex-alcoholic whom I helped break free

About Immune System

About Marriage

About Ojai Hotsprings

Advice To Friend Going Through Divorce

Advice to youngsters entering college

Alcohol Shrinking the Brain

Alcohol Shrinks The Brain

Alcoholic African Moslem

Almost Getting Killed in South Africa

Alone But Not Lonely

Annual Charity Saffron Rice Pudding

Another Day In The Life

Another Summer Mountain Gathering

Another Trip To Iran



Attention Is Required For Learning

Back To Mountains

Banana Cures Crying!

Being Anchored in the "Other"

Being Single

Blessings in Disguise

Blue Angel of the Main Station

Boring Blues

Boxing Up A Free Spirit


Bully Racist Swiss Mechanic Manager

Byron Katie Nonsense


Concert Tour Of India

Condemnation Of Age Gap By Older People

Conscious Mountains

COW Number 5989

Cows & Music

Crazy World, Ailing Mother Nature, Love Persists

Curse Of Caffeine


Discussions With A Former Drug Addict - A Lesson For Every Teenager

Discussions with the young daughter of a drug addict


Dumbo The Dog

E-mail on growth & love & psychological change, etc.

Effective Project Management

Everything is vibrating!


Few insights for uprooting Sorrow

Few Notes On Authority

Firing Someone From Your Life


France (Africa) Football


From Animal To Human: Female & Male Habits, Sex, Freedom, Love, Artistry

Gap clothes made in child-labor sweatshop

God / Universe / Wholeness

Got Anti-Semitic Man’s Account Banned And Posting History Deleted

Grampa’s Prayer Mat

Grand Resort Hurghada: Toxic Oasis For Fat Germans

Greek Debt & Future Of Euro

Green Alps / Music is Meditation

Guru Fraud

Happy Thoughts... No Thoughts

Her Muddy Guitar Sound

Human Rights, Turkey Rights, Cyber Rights, etc.

I do not like Halloween

If Only Trees Could Smile...

Immensity & Dignity

Impersonal Love

Importance Of Introspection In A Fast Moving World

Importance of Keeping It Simple

Impressions of The Netherlands

In Search Of The Lost Green Smoothie

Isn't There Something Sick In How Humans Have Defined Relationships?

Italian Heart-melt

Jealousy Detective

John Lennon’s Memorial

Kindergarten In The Sky

La Catederal

Lack Of Interest In Mind Games & Why I Won’t Suffer Over A Woman

Last Day of Life / Talk With 18-Year-Old Smoker

Letter To A Friend About Sexuality

Letter to a troubled teenager (19)

Letter to a young girl who has unprotected intercourse

Living Spontaneously, About Slovenia and Gypsies

London in New York - A Male-Chauvinist Pig

Lost Treasures - Destroyed Notebooks


Love & Peace

Love & Thought

Love Is Not Exclusive

Masala-dosa - a day in life in New York

Meat Is Murder

Mother Ocean

Moving With The Movement Of Love

Musings on Marriage

My 21 Favorite Christmas Carols ... / Season's Greetings

My First Guitar Teacher Armik

New Ways Of Relating

Non-Yoga Class With 11 Women

Not Married -- Sorry?

Notes on love, sexuality, etc.

On “True Self”

On Comparison

On Eating Meat

On Friendship

On Gossip & Communication

On Image Making

On Jealousy, Etc.

On Meeting Life's Challenges

On Social Media & Communications

On Wisdom & Values

Problem of "Energy Drinks"

Psychological Change, Etc.

Psychological Crisis Pandemic – Letter To A Loved Relative

Question From A Woman

Reasons for Dreams

Reflections on Happiness


Response To Dalai Lama About Sexuality

Sacredness In Tehran Mountains

Senseless War


She Is Hopeless

Shinan Farhad Varasteh 9th Dan Soke, Kanzen-ryu Karatedo

Some Psychological Insights

Some Questions & Comments – on Meditation, Communications, Happiness, etc.

Some Reflections on Relationship

Spaghetti Code

Spring Equinox & Persian New Year

Stephano D’Silva Thinks His Saying Lies Is Funny

Stolen Cell Phone

Switzerland From The Inside

Talk on Satellite TV

Talk With 23-Year-Old Depressed Emigrant

Talk with a confused friend

Talks with 6 teenagers about drugs, etc.

Tehran’s Traffic

That Inner State of Peace

The Art of Seeing - A Dialogue on Relationship

The Thirteenth Day Of Spring

The Who Concert Review

Thinking In Soundbites

Those Who Have Gone – Universe: Conscious Mind, Love

Thought Disorder Medication, Etc.

Thought Pollution

Thus Spake A Single Mother

Tips for a young person getting their first job

Traditional Pressure To Get Married

Trap Of The Known

Travel & Sales Genes; Sales Skills


Trigger Of Understanding

True Love & Cell Phones

Uninvited Meditation

Universal Love is not Exclusive

Useless Usenet

Virtue Of Clear Thinking

Virtue of Simplicity

What You Should Tell Your Boyfriend About Jealousy

What’s Wrong?

Whole Individuals

Why Are Anti-Depressants & Anxiety Medication Widely Used?

World Of Open Source Software

You're Thinking Too Much...

Alex Jones, a Dishonest Hate Monger Was Convicted of Defamation In Multiple Trials -- And On So-called Conspiracy Theorists

Amanda Knox

BX Protocol Fake Cancer Drug Scam

California Highway Patrol Misconduct

Christian Oesch : plusieurs faux publics, des mensonges

Christian Oesch ha fatto diverse affermazioni pubbliche false, bugie, ecc.

Christian Oesch's Web of Falsehood Around BX Protocol Scam Cure-all, ASD Ponzi Scheme, Fake Knights of Malta, etc.

Christian Oeschs öffentlichen Falschbehauptungen, Lügen, BX-Protocol, etc.

Compelled Coda Media To Correct Their Fake-News Tabloid "Coda Story"

Conflict Of Interest And How Howard Scher & Maha Hussain & Richard Pazdur Hijacked Provenge's Approval

Conflict Of Interest In The US Supreme Court

Conspiracy Theorists Pollute Minds

Credit Suisse Collapse

Cyber Fraudsters Targeting Freelance Job Site Contractors

Dalai Lama Perversion

Disaster Stocks

Founder's Syndrome and Activist Investors Ousting of CEOs

Fox News Has Major Legal Troubles For Spreading Lies.

Full Fact Is Full Of Lies

Jaguar Jerk

Legal Threat Made Lumimart Pay Its Debt

On Cults/Frauds

On Laura Koniver's Earthing Gig

Orthodox Jew Used Car Dealer & Zurich Police

Paul Herder Sexual Assault Criminal And Civil Cases

Pilot Smoking On Flight

Prince Andrew's Moral Issues

Racist Hotel Penalized

Reverse Conversions Scam

Schweizer Polizei lügt die Öffentlichkeit an

Selinexor bashers link to hedge funds

Sextortion is a crime

Steinzeitlicher Kundenservice bei der Zürcher Kantonalbank (Schweiz)

Stone-Age Customer Service at Zurcher Kantonalbank (Switzerland)

Strange Business Practices

Succeeded in Getting Sanitas to Cancel Improper Invoices

Succeeded In Legal Case Against Apple Computer And Their Powerful Lawyers: It Finally Agreed To Abide By Its Legal Obligation.

Succeeded In Legal Case Against Shameless "Priceless Car Rental": It Had To Pay Back The Money It Cheatingly Obtained.

Succeeded In Legal Cases Against Swiss National Radio & Television (SRF) Which Forced It To Delete The Lies It Broadcasted Related To 5G / EMF Pollution.

Succeeded In Legally Compelling Pink Floyd Merchandising Thugs To Pay Damages

Succeeded in Legally Compelling Swiss Property Manager To Comply & Move WiFi Router And Unlawful Camera.

Swiss Angel Attacked In Egypt

Swiss Competent Prosecutors

Swiss National Radio's Gross Dishonesty

Swiss Police Dishonesty

Tailgating Problem in Switzerland

Taming of Cyber Bullies (coming up)

Wall Street Corruption

Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi)



Hare Krishna Temple: Godhead vs. Dullhead




Rajneesh (Osho)’s Fraud & A review of the movie "GURU - Bhagwan"


Sathya Sai Baba -  Fraudster Guru


A Krishnamurti Chronology

About Member of Friedrich Grohe's "Gang" (KLI): Javier Gomez Rodriguez

About Ravi Ravindra's Garbage Ideas, Tabloid Book, KFA

Activist Taskforce Complaint About KFT To UK Charity Commission

Commentaries on the work around J. Krishnamurti's work, etc. June 2009

Correcting the back cover of "THINK ON THESE THINGS by J. Krishnamurti"

Friedrich Grohe and his Gang's Influence Mongering at Krishnamurti Foundations

Got KINFONET to Spare K's Name from Garbage called Dialogue

Jiddu Krishnamurti References -- Compiled by Reza Ganjavi

KFT / Brockwood Park Bogus Report Was Rejected by Swiss Police

Krishnamurti Foundation American KFA Presentation By Reza Ganjavi

Krishnamurti Foundation Trust (KFT) Filed Bogus Police Reports To Quash Criticism

Krishnamurti-related Artifacts from Archives of Reza Ganjavi

Letter to Mr. J. Krishnamurti About His Foundations Years After His Death

Letters to Nasser Shamim About His Cowardly Behavior

Letters to Raman Patel Regarding his role at Brockwood Park School / KFT

Meeting J. Krishnamurti in Person - Reza Ganjavi's Story of Meeting K

Michael Krohnen Harassing Lady Visitor to KFA Krishnamurti Library Ojai


New articles and commentary related to interest in Krishnamurti's work - 2007

Notes related to the work around J. Krishnamurti 2008

On Cult of Mediocrity / My Talk For Indian Study Group

On J. Krishnamurti Books -- by Reza Ganjavi

On the work related (and unrelated) to the work of J. Krishnamurti  2013

On the work related to J. Krishnamurti's Work -- February 2012

On the work related to J. Krishnamurti's work -- September 2010

On the work related to J. Krishnamurti's Work, March 2014

Radha Sloss Book Lives In The Shadow Is Garbage

Response to Bill Taylor

Review of The Krishnamurti Retreat (Pepper Tree Retreat), Ojai, California

Reza Ganjavi On His Role As Lead Investigator Of KFT/Brockwood Mismanagement

The Fifth Foundation - Friedrich Grohe's Gang

The Last Circular Around Krishnamurti's Work - January 2024

The Vulgar Librarian, Michael Krohnen, Illegally Assaulting Visitor at Krishnamurti Foundation America (KFA)

This and that from the "K World" & More -- January 2007

UK Police Misconduct (Hampshire), UK Charity Misconduct (Krishnamurti Foundation Trust - KFT - Brockwood Park School)

Unpublished Circular Related To J. Krishnamurti

Various Krishnamurti Related Letters by Reza Ganjavi

Vedic Chant at KFA: Jaap Sluijter, Krishnamurti Foundation America (KFA) vs. Krishnamurti

Visit to Krishnamurti / Brockwood Park Study Center

Why Executive Director of KFA Jaap Sluijter Is A Disgrace To Krishnamurti

Would J. Krishnamurti Have Dissolved The Krishnamurti Foundation America?