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Won Cases Against Swiss National Radio & Television (SRF)

Krishnamurti Foundation Trust (KFT), Brockwood Park School Management Misconduct Scandal

1000 Quotes of Wisdom (coming up)

Autobiography (coming up)

ReZa's Quotes (not edited/published)

50 Questions To Sunrise CEO

Swiss EMF Deception

On J. Krishnamurti's Work (rough draft)

Christian Oesch : plusieurs faux publics, des mensonges

Christian Oeschs öffentlichen Falschbehauptungen, Lügen, BX-Protocol, etc.

Christian Oesch ha fatto diverse affermazioni pubbliche false, bugie, ecc.

Ethische Bedeutung der Verbreitung von Desinformationen über Covid-19 und Impfungen


Corruption at FDA

Dangers of Wireless Pollution


Various Letters

Videos by Scientists & Activists

Woowoo EMF Gadgets

Edith Graf Litscher

Edith Graf Litscher (DE)

Exposing Salt's Lies

Genotoxic Forest Antenna

Letters to Swiss Education Minister

Swisscom CEO's Lies

Swisscom's Proven Lies

Amanda Knox

BX Protocol Scandal

Compelled Coda Media To Correct Their Fake-News Tabloid "Coda Story"

On Sextortion

Swiss National Radio's Gross Dishonesty

Strange Business Practices

Taming of Cyber Bullies (coming up)

Doctors With Funny Affiliations: Vinay Prasad, Aaron Goodman, Maha Hussain, Howard Scher

Whatsapp Is Not Secure

Won Case Against Scammer Shameless "Priceless" Car Rental


Letter to Mr. J. Krishnamurti About His Foundations Years After He Died

Big 5G Lies

EMF Measuring Device / EMF-Messgerät

Genotoxische Waldantenne

Sommaruga Letters

Swiss Woowoo Activist Andreas Gross

Various Letters on Swiss EMF Pollution, Dishonesty, etc.

Swiss Police Dishonesty



On Cults/Frauds






Added Sugar Toxic Addictive

Anti-smoking activism

Ethical weight of spreading disinformation about covid-19 and vaccination

Tips For Quitting Smoking

Research on TV

Various Health Articles

Vegetarian Eating

Captured FCC

Curse of LED and EMF

Genotoxic Wireless Pollution

EMF Links

Hardell-Ganjavi Project

ICNIRP Scandal

Ken Foster's Conflict of Interest

PBS Industry Bias




Roger Federer Playing Puppet of Industry

Swiss BAFU's Dishonest Conduct


Classical Guitar Repertoire

Comments on Réza Ganjavi's Music

Comments on CDs In Friendship and Dancing Hands

Dancing Hands CD Info

In Friendship CD Info

My Guitar Teachers

Online Stores / Order CDs

Press Reviews


Personal References

Professional References

A Psychological Philosopher


Cyber Stalker's Apology to Reza Ganjavi

Karyopharm Stock KPTI


Others' Writings

Technical Tips

Book Of Love (draft e-book)

Web of Falsehood Around BX Protocol Fake Cure-all, ASD Ponzi Scheme, Fake Knights of Malta, etc.

California Highway Patrol Misconduct

Compelled Swiss Landlord To Comply

Jaguar Jerk

Legal Threat Made Lumimart Pay Its Debt

On Laura Koniver's Earthing Gig

Pilot Smoking On Flight

Pink Floyd Merchandising Thugs

Prince Andrew's Moral Issues

Racist Hotel Penalized

Reverse Conversions Scam

Swiss Angel Attacked In Egypt

Wall Street Corruption

WonCase Against Apple Computer

Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi)





Rajneesh (Osho)’s Fraud & A review of the movie "GURU - Bhagwan"


Sathya Sai Baba -   Fraudster Guru


A Krishnamurti Chronology

About Member of Friedrich Grohe's "Gang" (KLI): Javier Gómez Rodríguez

About Ravi Ravindra's Garbage Ideas, Tabloid Book, Kfa

Commentaries on the work around J. Krishnamurti's work, etc. June 2019

Correcting The Back Cover Of "Think On These Things" By J. Krishnamurti

Got KINFONET to Spare K's Name from Garbage called Dialogue

Jiddu Krishnamurti References

Letters to Nasser Shamim About His Cowardly Behavior

Letters to Raman Patel Regarding his role at Brockwood Park School / Krishn

New articles and commentary related to interest in Krishnamurti's work

Notes related to the work around J. Krishnamurti 2008

On Cult of Mediocrity

On the work related (and unrelated) to the work of J. Krishnamurti June 20

On the work related to J. Krishnamurti's Work -- February 2012

On the work related to J. Krishnamurti's Work, March 2014

On the work related to J. Krishnamurti's work -- September 2010

Response to Bill Taylor

The Fifth Foundation

This and that from the "K World" & More -- January 2007

Various circulars, writings related to J. Krishnamurti's work

Visit to Krishnamurti / Brockwood Park Study Center

Would J. Krishnamurti Have Dissolved The Krishnamurti Foundation America


Ratschläge für Nachbarn

Advice To Neighbors

Key Advice For Fighting 5G Antennas

Grosse 5G-Lügen

Wichtige Ratschläge für den Kampf gegen 5G-Antennen

Oncology Letters: Further Exposure of Martin Roosli and ICNIRP

Reza Ganjavi's RF-EMF Presentation

Ratschläge zur Bekämpfung von 5G-Antennen (PDF)

Advice on Fighting 5G Antennas (PDF)

Professor Hardell & Top Scientists Take On ICNIRP's Martin Roosli

Professor Hardell und Spitzenwissenschaftler nehmen es mit Martin Roosli von der ICNIRP auf

Verschiedene Briefe zur Schweizer EMF-Belastung, Unehrlichkeit, usw.



Videos & Photos

Comments on Clean Planet Song

Activism & Journalism References