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4 Jan 2020 

[IMPORTANT] For Gail Bradbrook , Simon Bramwell Please

Dear XR friends: Kindly forward this mail to Gail and Simon. Will you? Please let me know, and if not, please tell me what is the proper effective channel for getting them this note. Many thanks indeed. Reza Ganjavi

To: Gail Bradbrook , Simon Bramwell (Founders of Extinction Rebellion)

Dear Gail, Simon

There are strong allegations that XR leaders are in bed with the wireless lobby/industry. I do not know if this is true, but based on a documentary I saw there seems to be something to the story.

I am an activist leader on RF pollution which is a huge issue that effects all life on Earth, and the Earth itself.  I am also a bigtime environmentalist and care deeply about the Earth and its well-being.

It would be really good if you two or one of you, issues a statement and make your position clear on this topic -- just to clear the air.  For example:

1) We, the founders of XR, have no affiliations with nor sympathy or support for the Wireless Industry. We view RF Pollution as a serious threat to health, and believe exposure to RF pollution should be minimized, and governments and industry should be truthful with people about this.

[ fact is there's a massive amount of lying going on by industry and government and we're holding the Swiss government for example, accountable. A massive letter endorsed by over 20 top experts is coming out soon, as a massive exposé of the conflict of interest and misrepresentation of credible science in this industry, and moral corruption within government regulators.

Also see -- e.g. the scientist videos -- the science is solid -- current standards industry uses/loves completely ignore biological damage, and are only thermal based. ]

Or if this is truly your idea, make it clear. the obscurity is killing it and gives rise to all kinds of speculation of corruption, dishonesty, etc.

2) We, the founders of XR, like the Wireless industry. We've had ties with them, and still do [or don't], based on the [false] belief that wireless industry will provide lower emissions [ this is so untrue ] .

You have a responsibility to all the young people who follow you. You cannot preach about climate crisis while ignoring the massive issue right in front of eyes -- take an Acousticom2 and measure your house (unless you're on wired internet and it's just good for others, like telecom exec think). Measure any city you're in and see if the level of RF pollution is over 20 mV/m (safe limit -- see

You'll be surprised to see it at 1000, 3000, 6000 mV/m and above -- which is surely damaging DNA and causing cancer and an array of other biological issues the wicked industry ignores, and lies to people saying it's safe. Here's a PROOF of a big fat lie from industry:

The verdict is very clear about this topic. We want to be on board with XR and Vice Versa.

The allegation goes as far as saying XR is a distraction to let the wicked Wireless industry which XR leaders are in bed with (I don't know if it's true), cover the whole planet.

Please come out with a clear statement. If you do, kindly keep me posted. I run a 25000 person global Stop5G Facebook group and a large Swiss one, and can help spread the word, and erase any misconceptions.

Some of my friends who are members of XR in Switzerland care deeply about threat of RF Pollution, but there is a dark cloud that overhangs the XR movement at the very top (see )

Also, if you like to speak about the topic I could meet you in Stroud, at the Beacon or elsewhere, and maybe make a interview or dialogue video together.

Kind Regards & Happy New Year

Reza Ganjavi


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