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- by Reza Ganjavi, MBA

We have proofs of several instances of the Swiss Federal Government lying to the public about health impacts of RF-EMF. For example, "BAG" Bundesamt für Gesundheit (Federal Office of Public Health FOPH / OFSP) is on record for telling the public that radiation from WiFi routers and cell towers is safe, whilst this is clearly not the case. Using outdated standards as an excuse doesn't count.

Same with the "BAFU" Bundesamt für Umwelt (Federal Office for the Environment FOEN / OFEV) which again has misinformed the public using form letters and bespoke communications. In a recent email exchange with BAFU, BAFU representative stated that "there are many studies that show long-term exposure to RF-EMF is safe". When called out, BAFU failed to cite even one single study.

Here's the email conversation: 


17 Dec 2019

Dear Dr. <snipped>

Chapter 6 of the report is a complete joke -- which is not surprising given the Working Group is stacked with dogmatic, intellectually dangerous, morally challenged industry people who don't seem to have any reservation in lying and propagating falsehoods in order to further their financial agenda. They've taken dishonesty to a new level. I've heard some of them speak.

I do NOT believe you take this issue seriously at FOEN/BAFU. BAFU like in other countries seems to be dominated by the industry it should be regulating. If you were serious about this matter you would not follow ICNIRP which is morally corrupt because it has consistently manipulated science in favor of industry and ignored biological impact. You either are ignorant of the facts or are wearing a big Elton John style pink colored glasses, or are just parroting the lies of the industry. You also falsely claimed in our conversation that there are many studies that show long term exposure to RF-EMF is safe -- this is FALSE! And when your lie was challenged you failed to provide a single example of such a study.

Average Swiss person who calls the so called trusted Regulators gets the same lies. Just as they get lies when they call the industry. We have Swisscom and Sunrise on record for lying to people, And BAFU as well. Citing some irrelevant, outdated, joke of a standard is not an excuse for covering the lies. In the case of Swisscom we also have proof that it KNOWS RF-EMF can cause DNA DAMAGE and CANCER.

I suggest you get a more respectable job because in this role, parroting the rotten industry lines (I exhibited them in my last emails), and misinforming and misleading an already ignorant public, is not right.

Your remark about monitoring health effects is also a complete joke and complete nonsense because if you cared about health, you would consider biological effect instead of the rotten standards you're using, and you would NOT sell 380mm CHF of licenses of a biologically damaging, unsafe technology to your own industry!! (you own majority stake in Swisscom). This story sounds like a joke, a fantasy, a fiction - but it's a tragedy, a major failure in judgment by the Swiss Federal Government which should have NOT sold the licenses. Does Swissmedic allow companies to put out untested drugs which have even been shown to be toxic?!

It's your duty and responsibility to make sure Simonetta Sommaruga is aware of this catastrophe that is happening on her watch, so please forward my messages to her or tell me how I can do so myself. Tell her it's time to stop forwarding people's letters to BAFU to answer with a canned set of lies. It's time for her to wake up and see the facts and clean up this miserable organization's act.

Reza Ganjavi

-- a very concerned Swiss citizen who thought we are an honest country!!


12 Dec 2019

Dear Dr. <snipped>

Thanks for the reply.

The list you refer to does not have what you mentioned, i.e., a study that indicates long term exposure to RF-EMF is safe.

Let's be very clear about the rationale here:

- You said BAFU has authorized deployment of 5G because not just one but multiple studies exist that show long term exposure to RF-EMF is safe (5G is a type of RF-EMF) -- so any studies that apply to 4G, WiFi, etc. would qualify. Never mind that 4G and WiFi are also not shown to be safe, and are shown to be unsafe.

- I asked you to show me such a study -- which you said a number of them exist -- but you didn't -- which means your statement was not factual -- it was fiction -- a wish -- but not reality.

- So this proves my point that Swiss Federal Government sold 380mm CHF of licenses for a technology that has NOT been shown to be safe. The rhetoric of money-worshiping industry and their puppets like Roger Federer don't count. In the 50's there were doctors advertising smoking too!

- You understand the importance of scientific dignity, integrity -- which is grossly missing in Swisscom &  Co.'s lies, misrepresentations, propaganda, which is designed to brainwash people to believe an untested, unsafe technology is actually safe.

- To make things worse, your colleague Martin Roosli who's treated like a Guru, is going around the country misinforming and misleading people, by singing the industry's song, singing the ICNIRP cartel's song which is very false and distorted. ICNIRP has grossly mis-characterized science in favor of industry and Roosli has the nerve to echo that to the unassuming Swiss who are educated to trust authorities and not question things.

- Let's call a spade a spade for God's sake. You're doing the exact same thing the wicked industry is doing: lying to people. You told me the studies exist but they don't. BAFU, BAG, etc. say a number of lies (see my last email and your latest reply is another proof). When the government lies, what can we expect from Industry? And we're supposed to be an honest country! 

I'm sure you're a fine person but do you see how you're sucked into perpetuating falsehoods because it's the nature of the beast: your ideas seem dictated by the industry and money and the morally corrupt ICNIRP.  You, the Federal Government Regulators are supposed to protect people -- you are there for people and not people there for you and your industry!  Your bosses have forgotten who's the real boss here (Swiss people).

What is a reliable way to reach Ms. Sommaruga? Can you forward my two emails to her (this and last)? Is she sleeping or wearing rose colored glasses like you? Do you see the seriousness of this matter? And if so, what are you going to do about it? Defer it to Berenis led by an ICNIRP guy?! 

I sense a circular motion of moral corruption and lies at the peril of us Swiss people's health! Please don't give me this line that "we take this issue very seriously". That's another lie. If you took this issue seriously, you wouldn't stack the "expert group" with industry people some of whom are chronic liars about this topic -- they've lied so much about it they can't even tell the difference between lie and truth. When a person gets paid to lie, he starts believing his own lies. That's moral corruption too.

Does Ms. Sommaruga have the power to stand up to this massive moral corruption? Or is she smothered by industry special interest?!

Frustrated Regards

Reza Ganjavi

Swiss citizen


10 December 2019

Dear Dr. <snipped>

Thanks for your time today. I'm sure you're a fine person but you've been a spokesperson for a very troubled organization, so don't take this personally.

Key takeaways from the talk:

  • Because 5G is running at same frequency as 4G, it's safe. You didn't seem to know that 4G is not safe either!  This is one of the many big lies that Swiss people are being told. The other ones being, e.g., that RF-EFM only hurts people who are sensitive to it, and that current standards are sufficient. Here's a Legal Opinion that you should read, and please send it around to your colleagues who are following industry lies/lined -- as a wake-up call about a truth they already know but have chosen to ignore.
  • You told me there are several studies, independent of industry, that show long term exposure to RF-EMF is safe. When I asked for one example, you  said read the report. I read the report and the only references I found are the paragraphs below, which may as well have been written by the industry!
  • Therefore, I ask you to please send me just ONE example of the many studies that you mentioned as stated above (I'm not even looking for proof -- indication is enough) -- and keep in mind, industry's line about studies that show har vs. safety are fundamentally, philosophically flawed. Swissmedic requires to see safety profile of drugs it approves.  I am eagerly waiting. To save you time, you will not be able to find one, because non exist. Which means BAFU is not doing its job in regulating the industry (is it related to the Federal Government owning majority stake in Swisscom?).
  • This means, the Swiss Federal Government sold licenses to wireless industry, biggest being the company it owns majority stake in, for a technology that has not been tested for safety, and you cannot even cite one single study that indicates safety to any RF-EMF (WiFi, Bluetooth, 2G 3G 4G 5G, smart meter, etc.). Which naturally implies Swiss people are being treated as Guinea Pigs, without our consent. If you disagree with this please tell me why, and provide evidence to back your argument.
  • Regarding lack of clarity in current studies that you mention, that is unfortunately also an industry lie/line. I'm sure you're a fine person, but this subject is a very dirty, dark, ugly, evil, wicked business practice which your organization is supposed to REGULATE -- but BAFU is not doing its job. It seems to be played like a fiddle by the Industry.  FACT is, current studies are very clear, and very clearly show biological damage. ICNIRP is a morally corrupt organization which has consistently ignored highly credible studies that show biological damage, in favor of Industry. So BAFU saying the studies are not clear, is a lie. How do you get your info? From BERENIS which is supposed to review the studies? Head of BERENIS is part of the ICNIRP cartel, and has no background in medicine or biology.
  • The victims here are we the Swiss people, who are lied to by the industry (see proof:, are not educated about safe use of technology, and are manipulated with help from people like Roger Federer (for Sunrise) to make us falsely believe we need this dirty, untested,  biologically damaging technology. How Swiss is all this? Let's call a spade a spade dear Ms. <>. I know Ms. Sommaruga has handed over letters on this topic to BAFU and BAFU gives canned answers repeating the same lies about standards and safety. So please go to her and wake her up. You're a biologist. You should understand this topic. Help her grasp the gravity, and urgency of this topic.
  • The industry has just manipulated the government to get time during which it will ruin our beautiful country with 5G cells. It's already ruined it with 4G because the lazy, morally corrupt UN did nothing about the 2015 EMFScientist call (see And if you think the studies are not clear, look at some talks here by real medical doctors and scientists who are not in the pocket of the industry. Ask Ms. Sommaruga to wake up to how morally wrong the current approach is. You cannot microwave Swiss people, call it safe when you know it's not safe, and even push them to believe they need to be microwaved, and have their DNA damaged, and get cancer, because they really need to have faster downloads. This sounds ridiculous but it's the fact. Wake up Dr. <>. Stand up for what's right. Wake and shake the rotten status quo around you, or walk out and stand up for what's right, instead of echoing the lies of ICNIRP cartel and the wicked industry. 

Kind Regards
Reza (Ray) Ganjavi, MBA, BSCS, BAPhil, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Kappa Phi

PS --  From the Management Summary of the so-called Expert group (which is a joke given how it's stacked with industry people, or people who are in the pocket of the industry, plus a few good people)

The working group determined that to date, for the mobile radio frequencies currently in use, no health effects below the guideline values of the international radiation protection commission ICNIRP, on which the immission limit values of the ONIR are based, have been consistently scientifically proven. The ICNIRP confirmed its guideline values of 1998 in the 2018 revision and essentially left them unchanged.

    [RG'S NOTE: Because the guidelines are all THERMAL (physics) and completely IGNORE biology]

I was going to list the rest of the ridiculously faulty "scientific" assessment in the report but the report is attached and you can look for yourself.



The so-called expert group (working group) is stacked with industry people who put MONEY first. They also have people like Martin Röösli who's had a questionable past in terms of misinterpretation of science, and affiliation with the industry, and the morally corrupt ICNIRP which has consistently ignored studies that show biological damage, in favor of industry.

See the letter by a group of independent EMF scientists exposing Röösli, BERENIS, Working Group, etc. [coming up]

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