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Bewilligung für 5G-Antenne im Kirchturm erteilt – trotz fast 200 Einsprachen (Permission granted for 5G antenna in the church tower - despite almost 200 objections)

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Mr. Rohner, Mr. Elsässer, Mr. Bertschi [,,]

Geminde Lengnnau, Zürichstrasse 34, 5426 Lengnau

Shame on Lengnau for allowing the wicked industry to hide a 5G antenna in the church's tower. Your excuses are not good.

5G, 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth are NOT safe. They have not been tested for safety. Standards used by the government only protect you against getting burned. They completely ignore biological impact, because this is one big bad dirty ugly rotten morally-corrupt business. Look here for more details about government and industry lies. And see what scientists who are not prostitute to the industry and are not otherwise morally-corrupt, are saying:

You CANNOT put the health of people of Lengnau ahead of Big Money. You as a local government have power to stand up to central government and fight it. You have a moral obligation to put health of people of Lengnau ahead of Big Money's wishes. You don't need the Federal Government to spoon feed you with reports to understand that this radiation is biologically damaging. Do some research for yourself.

A government that is on record for lying to people, a government which owns 51% of Swisscom ,  a government which relies on a guy with no medical or biology degree to leads an experts commission about radiation health impacts, cannot be trusted about safety of wireless equipment. That's why 200 people asked you to STOP,  but you still granted the permit, which is a way of shoving something down their throats.  They don't want it and they don't need it. Stop this catastrophe before it's too late.

On the same site you can also see proof that Swisscom lies to people about safety of RF-EMF (5G, 4G, ...),  and the Federal government lies to people about the science.

At the very least you have the obligation to inform the neighbors and church goers that while they're nearby or attending the church of God, an evil antenna is overhanging their head and is microwaving them, damaging their DNA,  and  fast-tracking them  to cancer. 


R. Ganjavi, MBA, BSCS, BAPhil, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Kappa Phi

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