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By Reza Ganjavi 

21 Feb 2019

Mr. Olaf Swantee, CEO Sunrise, Im Grafen 37, 8712 Stäfa, Switzerland

Good Day Mr. Swantee

I am sure you're not ignorant of the science which has unequivocally stated RF-EMF is harmful biologically, otherwise, you'd be too ignorant to be a CEO of Sunrise. So it's not like you don't know.

I'm also sure you're well aware of the fact that current standards which the dishonest industry touts as "safe" are decades old, irrelevant, defunct, and are based on physics (thermal effect) whilst ignoring biological damage which has been exhibited very clearly via thousands of studies in recent years.

You're rushing to pollute Switzerland with carcinogenic radiation (as per WHO, RF-EMF is possibly carcinogen to humans -- while the very people engaged in that rating have revised their opinion, by dropping the "possibly" (they're even more sure it's carcinogenic). Cancer is just one of many side effects clearly observed by science.

Knowing all that you should know -- about the biological damage -- such as thinning of blood brain barrier, etc etc, if you are a father, I assume you would not let your child sleep next to a WiFi router would you? Would you yourself sleep next to a WiFi router , or even 3 meters away from it? Do you like to be zapped 24x7 by a 4G or 5G antenna placed next to your lovely home in lovely Stäfa?

If the answer is no, why are you rushing to push this dirty technology down us Swiss people's throats? Let me guess the answer: MONEY.

Let's take a different approach if that's not enough to disarm your weak case in pushing this unsafe technology on us:

Who needs 5G? Short answer: Nobody.

Nobody in their right mind would want to be risking their health in order to not wait another 15 seconds for a download of a non-urgent video.

Nobody in their right mind wants to be in a car without a driver which is so zapped with carcinogenic radiation that it fast tracks one to cancer and a host of other diseases.

In short: 5G is NOT necessary. 5G is toxic. 5G is extremely polluting. 5G will NEVER take off. Mark my words. People of our great country will rise up against your company and your peers, when they wake up with these facts, and put a stop to this nonsense. Meanwhile, I invite you to go to your Board and say,

"we will face fierce opposition, even if we hire pumpers (that's if you're not already doing it) to help with brainwashing the public, Swiss people are not dumb. They care about their health. Switzerland has the highest rate of organic consumption per capital. They're going to wake up to the facts and it'll be a wave we couldn't stop. Let's pull out of this dirty field. Bite the bullet and can the license we bought. Be content with being a cash cow with our existing business (instead of pushing a dirty technology on people), and by doing so, sleep good at night with a clear conscience that we care about our fellow humans and all living beings in Switzerland who will be damaged by this irresponsible, unnecessary deployment of "cancer sticks" of 21st century. "

You've already polluted our cities with your polluting wireless panels. Swiss cities on average are zapped at far far higher levels than the safe limit of 0.02 V/m (see Bioinitiative report that considers biological damage which you and your industry ignore).

By the way, does your company have insurance for liability claims for health damage as result of this radiation? Let me guess: no insurance or re-insurance company is stupid enough to insure a technology that is known to cause biological damage, worse than Tobacco, which people cannot escape from. Your technology is intrusive: it injects itself into our houses without us wanting them, and zaps us 24x7 with dirty radiation. The only thing you have going for you is propaganda. But truth conquers darkness Mr. Swantee, and ultimately wins. Your 5G efforts will fail, so you better get prepared for it, and be proactive, and be socially responsible, and stop this nonsense immediately.

Have a look at 's scientific videos. I suppose you know all this but have chosen to ignore it, for the sake of MONEY!


Reza Ganjavi, MBA, BSCS, BA phil, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Kappa Phi

A very concerned Swiss citizen

PS --

Check this out: Sunrise says: "Private customers could use 5G to replace ADSL/VDSL and benefit from UHD TV, surfing with up to 1 Gbit/s, online gaming, and augmented and virtual reality."

Which means basically NOTHING USEFUL. Why would anyone in their right mind want to replace their ZERO-RADIATION ADSL with a TOXIC 5G beam? We already have more channels and top quality of TV without 5G. Surfing up to 1Gb/s????? are you kidding? I'm surfing all day and NEVER need anything remotely that fast. My current ADSL is faster than I can handle it. Online gaming? Who's got time for that? Augmented and virtual reality? Get real Mr. Swantee -- have you taken a walk in the forest? Many forests are zapped with your dirty radiation (yes 4G is also very dirty). Our planet provides incredible beauty. Reality is beautiful. But in some places they're cutting trees to help 5G. Your view of reality of people getting zapped with harmful radiation really needs a virtual reality. For me and everyone I know, reality is enough. We can go to virtual reality without your dirty radiation, by watching a movie (which we don't need 5G for).

Glad you didn't list autonomous vehicles which are fast track to cancer for anyone stupid enough to sit in them. Let's get real.


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