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Letter to Andrea Rytz, CEO of Schulthess Clinic about EMF Pollution


Reza Ganjavi, MBA

To: Ms. Andrea Rytz (Director, CEO, Schulthess Klinik, Zurich, Switzerland) ,

Dear Ms. Rytz

I have received treatment at your finw clinic due to a foot injury. Despite your great doctors, being in your clinic is for me like torture, because of the level of DNA-damaging, cancerous, high-frequency electromagnetic radiation pollution emitted from the infinite number of WiFi routers, often placed in double, and in few meters from each other. The entire Clinic is a EMF-smog cesspool of biologically damaging radiation. How can you do this to your doctors, first and foremost -- who are there every day -- and then, the patients who are there short-term?!

I have measured in 3 to 6 Volts/meter of RF-EMF throughout the buildings, in the cafeteria, in waiting areas, in doctor offices.

This is exactly like smoking in the 1940's where even doctors would smoke in the hospitals, and advertised for the wicked tobacco industry. Now we have Federer advertising for the wicked wireless industry.

Just like tobacco, back then the industry knew the health risks but hid it from the public. Same same, different decade. We have proof of Swisscom for example lying to public about health risks. And the Federal government is a majority owner of the industry, and the watchdogs (regulators) are in bed with industry and lie to people about safety using Standards as an excuse.

The standards totally ignore biological impact. See

In a way, the government is blamed for not having educated you about these risks -- but given you're a medical community, PLEASE educated yourselves. Here's a site I set up -- there are many other good resources:

See here some of the world's top experts uncovering Swiss government's lies about RF-EMF dangers:  (German version: ).

See here top experts give lectures on the topic.

Thousands of studies show biological harm -- ZERO studies show safety from long term exposure to what you're putting your doctors, staff and patients to.

You have a moral and legal obligation (Precautionary Principle, Constitutional Rights) to NOT do that.

You should significantly reduce the number of wifi routers which you're spread all over your property like candy with ZERO consideration for their health risks.  Get rid of 4/5 of the routers. Ideally, provide WiFi zones in protected areas (like smoking section). And also provide waiting area for patients who don't want their DNA to get damaged. And get rid of routers next to doctor offices. They have wired internet already.

Also, I strongly suggest getting this device so you can SEE what I'm talking about:

Please let me know your thoughts.

Best Regards

Réza Ganjavi
MBA, BSCS, BA Phil, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Gamma Sigma

Swiss citizen

PS -- Your clinic's use of WiFi is out of control. You have double routers every few meters. The levels are extremely unhealthy. Here's a proof of Swisscom lying to people -- and -- in this patent filing admitting that WLAN can cause DNA damage and cancer at sub-thermal levels (all today's safety standards are thermal and totally ignore biological damage). 

Here are a couple of letters from to scientists, exposing the conflict of interest and misrepresentation of science in Swiss government's approach towards EMF pollution:


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