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Mr. Olaf Swantee

Im Grafen 37, 8712 Stäfa, Switzerland

3 Jan 2020 

Hello Olaf

Congrats for quitting Sunrise. Hopefully now you can get a job in which you don't go around lying to people about health impacts of RF pollution as Sunrise has been doing.

Being a telecom executive, I am sure you're well aware of the biological damages of RF-EMF. The science is very clear about the topic. But your wicked industry lies to people in several ways, using the standards that totally ignore biological effect as an excuse. I believe it's highly immoral and unethical to tell people something is healthy, when one knows it's not healthy. Your wicked industry does that.

On your watch, Sunrise through proxies like Gregor Dürrenberger / using ETH's clout, and Roger Federer / using his celebrity clout, or your industry spokesman Christian Grasser of SPAG/SSPA -- and others like Martin Röösli, misrepresent credible science which deceives people into falsely believing your unsafe, risky, dirty technology is safe and clean.

Your wicked industry also fools people into believing they need something they don't need. If you were trying to develop, pump an emerging market with a safe product, that would be ok. But you're pushing a very dirty, unsafe product under fake usecases that people don't need. Nobody in their right mind would want to drive your stupid microwave-oven driver-less car, and nobody I know of needs faster download -- and I know thousands of people including thousands of Swiss. 

These are fake needs as part of a wicked business practice with one objective: Increased revenue, to satisfy a wicked Board that presides over a wicked business plan. It is wicked because it relies on misrepresentation, propagation of falsehoods, lies, to gain and maintain its customer base. Had your customer base been informed of the risks, they would not so readily adopt your dirty technology. Exact same story as Big Tobacco, until the captured regulators finally turned on them in some first-class countries. 

Y'all have been lying to us Swiss people about safety. Just see an interview with Roosli when he says there's no health risk; or your staged, fake interview with Dürrenberger on Sunrise website to brainwash people into believing the lies; or Swisscom's own admission of DNA Damage and Cancer which later it lies to public about:  ; Other Swisscom & Sunrise dishonesty cases are also well documented.

These lies have yet another serious evil consequence:  They prevent people to take steps towards safer use of the technology: to protect themselves, to reduce their exposures.

So you see how unethical and immoral this business practice is. You should celebrate you walked away from this evil circle of lies.

Every day we read new reports of not just physical and mental health consequences, but also environmental and other consequences of RF Pollution which you've been pushing, e.g., astronomers, meteorologists, fire fighters, educators, and highly respected top professors who are not bought by the industry, and so on, warning about your latest failed business plan, i.e. 5G.

5G will go down in history as the biggest disaster in business management, and one of the biggest evils in human history, where people get something they don't need "shoved down their throats", which damages their DNA and causes cancer, and your wicked industry lacks the morality to be truthful and tell people about the health dangers.

So Olaf, I hope you get a job that doesn't require lying -- lying about anything is wrong; lying to public about health is a doubly grand sin.

As I asked you in my last letter, I invite you to turn on these suckers. We need you on the side of light, goodness, health, kindness, honesty, caring, love, beauty. Your wicked industry is quickly ruining our beautiful country. Even many mountain areas are polluted with several Volt/meter of RF-EMF.

Your industry is not fully to blame. Half the blame goes to the people who sold the license for 5G, i.e., the Federal Government. Help us clean up the mess Olaf. We need you. Wake up to the facts. I'm sure you don't need the money and don't need to be someone's puppet and mouthpiece. Stand up and fight with us, for what's right, for health, goodness, happiness, intelligence, all those things that your dirty technology can take away.

You never answered any of the "50+ Questions" I sent you. I know why. Because the industry's business practice of pushing RF-EMF is the real "fake news", fake need, fake health report, lies and more lies. But it's never too late to repent. I'd be happy to have a conversation together -- perhaps a video interview -- and welcome you to join us, and walk away from the evil you've been batting for.

Kind Regard

R. Ganjavi


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