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Letter to New York Times about 5G Collaboration with Verizon

By Reza Ganjavi 

15 May 2019

To: New York Times

If you have any integrity, publish this!

Your 5G article of 12 May 2019 is hilarious. It reeks of moral corruption, i.e., knowingly lying to people about the most important thing in their life: HEALTH.

Verizon and New York Times' joint venture to build a "journalism lab" is a comic testimony to that corruption.  Sounds like a boiler room where New York Times would help Verizon -- which is on record for lying to people about safety -- to brainwash people into believing their toxic technology is safe.

Fact is 5G is unnecessary, untested, unhealthy. 4G is just as bad but 5G is even worse because the frequency can be boosted much higher. 4G has already ruined our cities. WiFi has ruined homes, banks, restaurants, cinemas, police offices, etc etc etc -- it's everywhere just as smoking was in the 1940's. WiFi, 4G, 5G, microwaves, Smart Meters, cell phones (when connected via wireless), Bluetooth all emit HF-EMF which has been shown through thousands of studies to cause biological damage.

Current standards are decades old and are based on physics. Hundreds of peer reviewed, published in HF-EMF, are crying about this. Useless Nations (UN) has ignored their call to tighten the standards ( for years, and EU and other captured governments have ignored the call of hundreds of scientists and doctors about 5G (

Verizon CEO has the nerve to go on camera and lie through his teeth about safety. He should be put in jail for that. Same with other companies, including Swisscom (Switzerland's biggest wireless provider majority-owned by the government) which is on record for lying to people about safety. These companies and others like them know perfectly well that RF-EMF causes DNA damage, cancer, and a whole host of other health issues. But they are intentionally ignoring it. Not only they're not living up to their social responsibility of honestly informing people about the risks, they're lying to people..

And New York Times has gone to bed with this corrupt ordeal. Congratulations!


Reza Ganjavi

MBA, BSCS, BA Phil, magna cum laude, Phi Kappa Phi


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