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Mr. Hans Riemer:

What planet are you coming from ?  Listen to you, after your cause FAILED today (bad news for you and the industry you support -- good news for goodness, health, well-being of people):

"In my view, our County needs to embrace wireless infrastructure, just as we embrace water, power, and transportation infrastructure. 
Building infrastructure is always difficult and some residents object to having small cell antennas in their neighborhoods. A zoning measure based on a goal of keeping wireless away from our residents is not realistic or desirable. I do not, and will not, support that approach. The Council has developed a good foundation for the next Council to build on. I look forward to taking this issue up again with the new Council."

Hans, have you even bothered to look at anything beyond what the industry has fed you? Have you seen any research? If so you would not be so stupid as to compare wireless radiation with water, power, and transportation. Since when was water carcinogenic? Since when do buses cause thinning of blood-brain-barrier? Since when does your home electricity weaken your immune system? GET REAL DUDE! 

Your ideas and the industry you so ignorantly (or intentionally) support will NEVER fly because people are not stupid. They will fight teeth and nails against their lives being ruined by stupid ideas like yours and a crooked industry which lies to people, ignores solid data, and has its head stuck in the sand of 35-year old outdated obsolete "standards". 

Keeping wireless equipment away from people is DESIRED, not undesired as you ignorantly assess. Distance is key. Ever heard of inverse-square law? Who the hell needs driver-less cars? Who do you know who's willing to risk their health to get a frikin 20 second faster download? Get frikin real man!  This entire effort is a crooked propagation and imposition of a dirty, unsafe, highly risky, toxic technology on people WHO DON'T WANT IT, by a selfish, money-worshiping industry who's business model is to create this need artificially. Ya, you really need a sms when your milk goes low because you're too lazy to move your fat ass to check in the fridge. That's the Internet of Things that the industry you support is pushing for. I'm a technocrat but your ideas are FALSE BAD LOUSY, MR. RIEMER. It's never too late to repent. 

What about this is not clear to you? PEOPLE DO NOT WANT IT. They don't want to risk their health to get a technology that has ZERO BENEFIT to them.  


Reza Ganjavi 

On 10/30/18 2:41 AM, R.GANJAVI wrote:

By the way, 5G is nothing but an fabrication of the industry for the sake of money. NOBODY needs faster downloads these days. Our speeds are plenty fast. 99.99% of people are willing to wait an extra 15 seconds for the darn movie to download if the cost of additional speed is cancer. 

Even WHO has categorized this radiation as possibly carcinogen and the key scientist involved now says it should be classified as carcinogen. 

Have you not seen this? ???? 

Do you really think we need driver-less cars??? At what cost? I'm technocrat but 5G is crooked bad evil business. The is no doubts among the science community that this technology is dirty. Watch my talk on this topic. It's the first in this series of videos on this brand-new, under-construction site:   -- see the other talks too -- they're priceless, but watch out: it may wake up and rattle those of you who are irresponsibly ignoring your constituents' health, well-being, peace, or are too afraid, are too chicken to think for yourselves and not blindly quote the Feds as Gods. Think. It's your life, stand up for your rights to challenge what's handed to you. You have that responsibility to your kids, the future generations, and to your constituents. 

Reza Ganjavi 

On 10/29/18 11:52 PM, R.GANJAVI wrote: 
To: Mr. Riemer and the rest of the council members who are leaning towards the Wireless crooks: 

You have a responsibility to your constituents. You're in that office to bat for the people and not for the industry. You need to think for yourself. I'm sure you can. I don't know what your agenda is. Fed is not God. Who is Fed? FCC who's a captured agency? Did you notice they deferred health issues to FDA. Did you know FDA hasn't done any health assessment? Did you know the standards you're trying to push onto people are 35 years old and inapplicable and based on physics and they ignore biological damage which have been shown via thousands of studies in the last 10 years? 

You KNOW all this, I am sure, yet you choose to ignore it. 

Do you let your kid sleep next to a WiFi router? If you do, you're stupid. If you don't, you shouldn't want your kid, or anyone you love, and the constituents whom you are paid to care for to do that either. 5G radiation includes 4G, 3G and is the same characteristic as WiFi and your cell phone. What about this you don't get? Think of karma, consequence, and how your kids will look at your in years to come when they see this vote. 

Please do the right thing and vote NO to ZTA 18-11. If you don't think the science is established that 5G is harmful, you haven't done your homework, and have bought Wireless industry's lies and deceptive practices. 

Reza Ganjavi (MBA, BSCS, BA Phil, magna cum laude, phi kappa phi)


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