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Subject: ICNIRP Moral Corruption

16 December 2019 

Dear <snipped>

The puzzle is outstanding in my mind -- if you can help solve it, I'd be grateful.

How did ICNIRP turn into such a morally corrupt organization? To say it has no conflict of interest is not enough. It is fair to consider it corrupt (corruption is not just financial, it can also be moral, ethical, ideological, intellectual, and as you effectively mentioned, psychological: holding certain dogmatic beliefs because that makes you "somebody".

Looking at this from every angle, the fact stands out clear that

- ICNIRP's stance on radiation values acts as a gift to the industry, it is totally pro-industry, and contradicts the large body of independent science. Majority of people who find your work helpful are industry people. They LOVE you!

- ICNIRP has been engaged in misrepresenting certain key facts,  again,  totally pro-industry.

- Some ICNIRP commission members are cherished by the industry as gurus since they help the industry brainwash people into falsely believing current standards are sufficient.

- Your own statement that the hazard is low is very misleading. Average city in the world is zapped with 6 V/m of radiation that very solid evidence, including industry's admission itself, shows that it can cause DNA damage and cancer. ICNIRP's ignorance of solid, widely accepted, peer-reviewed science, is the cause of this horror. It is a horror -- far worse than "hazard", when you are microwaved against your wish at extremely unhealthy levels, and then are lied to that it's safe. This is a health and a moral horror.

- Your own chief is on record for saying standards based on thermal effect are sufficient.

This topic is far beyond realm of belief and intellectual foreplay. Your reference to epidemiology and statistics is at the heart of the problem. Statistics can be twisted till end of time, and most epidemiologists don't have credentials in medicine and biology.

- Your chief is a physicist, and thinks physics is enough, while highly respectable professors, doctors, researchers who've devoted a lifetime to this cause -- and are not holding blind belief for their ego's sake -- are screaming that we need to pay attention to biology, but ICNIRP has consistently ignored that. If this is not moral corruption, I don't know what is.

- Regarding funding, if the German ministry of environment is anything like their Swiss counterpart, they're also morally corrupt: when you lie to public about matters of public health, and misrepresent the science, this is moral corruption. So if a regulator gives you money, and the regulator is in bed with the industry, this is conflict of interest on your part.

- I can't believe you don't know this, and you're still working for ICNIRP. I'd quit if I were you  and get a respectable job. Or get ICNIRP to change its name to "industry special interest group", or better yet, shut its door and end its miserable, morally corrupt existence.

- I asked you on the call but you had no answer: Do you believe, as ICNIRP does, that current thermal-based standards are sufficient to protect public health?


Reza Ganjavi

Reference: "Recently, ICNIRP published a note on the NTP (7,8) and Ramazzini Institute (9) animal studies (13). This note is based on the view by the 13 Commission members and represents the misconception and wrong evaluation of these studies; for example it is claimed that the histopathological evaluation was not blinded, a false statement. ICNIRP also claims that there is no verified mechanism for RF radiation carcinogenesis in spite of well‑designed studies showing the contrary, e.g., oxidative stress (14) and DNA damage (15). There are also several other wrong suggestions, such as that some of the NTP findings were due to heat caused by RF radiation. On the contrary, heat is not a known carcinogen. The wrong statements by ICNIRP have already been rebutted (16)."


Subject: Your Lies

29 Nov 2019

Eric van Rongen (head of ICNIRP):

I just heard you LIED to a reporter saying 90% of EMF scientists think thermal standards are sufficient. When hundreds of EMF scientists sign the appeal to UN to tighten the standards, and hundreds write to EU to put moratorium on 5G, are your 90% prostitutes from Amsterdam's Red Light District or scientists who are prostitutes to the industry?

You LIED saying current studies are not sufficient. I believe ICNIRP is morally corrupt because it has been ignoring and manipulating results of credible studies in favor of industry. Shame on ICNIRP. It should close its doors or rename itself MORALLY CORRUPT WIRELESS INDUSTRY LOBBY. 

Fee free to write me back if you can manage to not lie again.


Reza Ganjavi

Fighter for the Light against you Evil, Dark forces who are playing Russian Roulette with people's health.


To: Mr. Eric van Rongen ( -- head of ICNIRP who's planning on loosening the radio frequency exposure limits to facilitate the deployment of 5G


SHAME ON YOU Mr. van Rongen, and shame on your captured agency International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).


The word PROTECTION should be dropped from the name of this useless pathetic shameful of an organization -- or rather kept and changed to "protection of the telecom/wireless industry".


What part of the scientist appeal to the UN did you not understand? You can read it again here: www. emfscientist. org


What part of the scientist moratorium to the EU did you not comprehend? You can read it here: www. 5gappeal. eu


Or you'd rather keep your head in your ass and IGNORE science? What could be a bigger evil than IGNORING HUMAN HEALTH IN FAVOR OF INDUSTRY?


You and your organization are engaged in what many believe to be a huge evil deed of relaxing the already intolerable standards, so as to facilitate 5G which is absolutely unnecessary for humans, and indisputable unhealthy. You've chosen to IGNORE THE SCIENCE, otherwise you wouldn't even consider this. You'd work to TIGHTEN not loosen the standards which you should very well know, are decades old and are based on thermal effect, and wireless industry knows very well how harmful they are at sub-thermal levels. Look at Swisscom Patent application WO 2004/075583 A1 as an example.


And look at the scientist video section of www.end5g .com to see what some real scientist who are not in the pocket of Big Wireless are saying about the topic.


I don't know if you believe in God, Karma, or justice, but your actions in favor of the industry, against humanity's health, will not go without consequence in the eyes of the universe.




Reza Ganjavi

#stop5g #emfcrisis

*by Moral Corruption I mean violation of basic moral value of honesty for example. In this article:

It is defined in context of climate change, as "Moral corruption is corruption of the understanding, of the way we think and talk of climate change." I believe ICNIRP is morally corrupt because it has ignored and manipulated results of credible science, to downplay risks of wireless pollution, in favor of a corrupt industry which is on record for lying to people about health risks of RF-EMF.

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