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A Danish reporter wrote to me asking questions about Dr. Hardell's letter. My response below. Kind Regards. Reza Ganjavi

Dear David

Please see my comments below. Perhaps Dr. Hardell will add his own comments.

Keep in mind, while I contributed to the letter, the bulk of it was written by Dr. Hardell. And I am not a spokesman for him -- just expressing my own opinions.

"Because my research is only funded by public money [blah blah]..."   [this statement is a lie in itself since later in the email he contradicts himself]

Conflict of interest is not just financial. It's also intellectual. A dogmatic, fanatic person who blindly believes in a false set of ideas, may not get profit from it, but he gets other benefits, like identification.

"ICNIRP has a very strict policy [blah blah]... "

The letter addresses why ICNIRP is intellectually corrupt as it's been distorting the science just as Mr. Roosli has been distorting the science, and lying to people about health impacts of RF-EMF. Some of these lies are clearly demonstrated in the letter. ICNIRP has an utterly industry biased. Also their donors are not all listed -- and some already have a very close tie with the industry.

"It is the tone of activists, who do not talk about scientific facts but just attack persons." 

Poor Mr. Roosli. Finally someone is calling out his lies, and he doesn't like it. He's used to getting away with his lies to unassuming Swiss public, media.

Funny Mr. Roosli didn't detect the science in the letter. The letter is 90% hard-core science!! I guess it's because he's not an oncologist, medical doctor, biologist -- it flew right above his head. 

The letter is not the tone of activists per se. It's the tone of real scientists who are specialists in areas Mr. Roosli has no clue about, like oncology! Roosli has neither a biology degree nor medicine degree, yet the highly pro-industry Swiss government with inherent conflict of interest (51% owner of Swisscom) has put him in charge of two most important health authorities! This is not a joke. It's a tragic reality.

In several direct exchanges with Dr. Hardell, it became apparent that Mr. Roosli does not have the educational background to understand what Dr. Hardell was talking about -- it was over his head. So Roosli just sees things through his own fanatic, myopic, small-minded, industry-biased view which is no surprise given his past conflicts of interest and ties with the industry. Still today, he's very closely tied to the industry. It doesn't matter if they pay him a kickback or not -- we know they try to protect him, and they absolutely love him, as he's instrumental in their attempt to brainwash and lies to Swiss public that this DNA damaging, cancerous radiation is safe.

"Would be much more convincing if Lennart would response to this criticisim in a scientific manner instead of sidetracking."

Oh poor Martin, now he's picking issue with the venue. The substance isn't going away.

"yes, the money comes from industry..." [blah blah... and then he admits to get money from industry!]

EMF Risk Research funded by industry has had a history of moral corruption.

I agree with Roosli that the funding should come from the wicked industry, but not the execution of the studies. These need to be totally impartial and not as puppets of a morally corrupt industry which is on record for lying to people about the most important topic in life: HEALTH!

"interesting enough... donations from scared people and activists."

This is a loaded, bad question. Scared people? This is totally an industry line. It's Roosli's industry talk -- this whole concept of "Scared people" is a misnomer -- it's a way for the wicked, morally corrupt industry to downplay real concerns of real people, by just attributing it to unfounded fear.

"Maybe Hardell can answer: Are 5G appeal scientists making a living out of activism like Röösli claims? Is it a conflict of interest recieving money from activists and how much can they earn?

Dr. Hardell does not need a penny of activist money -- he's a very successful, top notch oncologist. This is the lamest excuse of Roosli -- and a desperate line that shows he's got no other defense.

How about his defending his misrepresentation of science which Dr. Hardell points out with clear evidence?  No reaction from Roosli I guess on that. That's a bigger problem than Conflict of Interest. It's intentional misrepresentation by a person at top of the food chain of government, working with a government that itself has a conflict of interest, feeding people lies. Wonderful!

Another question for you, Reza.

- Can direct democracy possibly defeat 5G in Switzerland? We saw a poll in 20 Minuten finding a majority of the Swiss population against 5G.

Yes I believe so -- with big action and big thinking. There are multiple initiatives in the works.

However, my personal view is legal action will have bigger results, not in Swiss courts which are generally (with exception) highly biased, but by higher authorities like the European Court of Human Rights.

"Can we expect a direct election in Switzerland in the near future?"

Not this year. The initiatives take time.

"How can it be explained that exactly the francophone cantons i Suisse has voted against 5G. Is the country divided into language zones?" 

Yes the country is highly divided. I was the first activist which reached out to the French side for collaborative campaign on 5G. The German side is more passive, and more conditioned to trust the authorities, not question status quo -- the French side is more like France, more active in some ways -- and we saw more action there than in German side early on. But there's some action on the German side and the biggest activist organizations are now based in the German side. I am in close contact with them.

"What makes you optimistic?"

You asked if it can be done, I said yet. Am I optimistic? Not too much because Switzerland is a very passive country and people are not used to complaining or taking big action -- it's not like France. They simply don't have strikes in Switzerland for example. And the educational system conditions people to conform.

"And what could go wrong?"

Wicked industry continues to brainwash people and win their votes.

Kind Regards

Reza Ganjavi

MBA, BSCS, BA Phil, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Kappa Phi

Zurich, Switzerland

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