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Reza Ganjavi


magna cum laude · Dean’s Honors · Phi Kappa Phi · Alpha Gamma Sigma ·

30 July 2020              


To: Dr. Stephen M. Hahn, Ms. Laurie Lenkel

Cc: Ms. Anna Abram, Dr. Anand Shah, Mr. Frank Yiannas, Mr. James Sigg, Mr. James Tyler, RADM Denise Hinton, Mr. Mark Abdoo, Ms. Karas Gross, Mr. John Wagner, Ms. Heidi Rebello, Dr. William Slikker Jr.,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Dear Dr. Hahn, Ms. Lenkel, et al.

*Evidence of corruption at FDA is nothing new. In this case, I do not have evidence of financial corruption, so I classify the corruption as moral (e.g., dishonesty), intellectual, political, and that may boil down to financial for some entities due to the beneficiaries of this moral corruption: the wireless industry, which is on record for dishonest conduct, manipulation of science, and extreme influence on politicians.

FDA has been formally petitioned numerous times to REMOVE false, fake, defunct “science” from its website but you’ve refused to do so. (reference:

This false information is very profitable for the wireless industry worldwide. Given the dishonest and morally challenged nature of the wireless industry, billions of dollars at stake, and the systematic misrepresentation of science by the industry and its allies (e.g. ICNIRP), one could only guess that FDA may be feeling too cosey with that cartel. If you are not, please immediately remove the following fake “science” from your website.

Not just in the USA, but around the world, entities look up to FDA for guidance, and they’re misguided by your lack of integrity in hosting such dishonest, false information on your website. In doing so, you’re helping the wicked wireless industry (which systematically lies to people about safety, and completely ignores biological effect of RF-EMF that’s been shown by thousands of studies to be harmful, including your own NTP study which you’ve also ignored).

Your report entitled “Review of Published Literature between 2008 and 2018 of Relevance to Radiofrequency Radiation and Cancer, is fallacious and needs to be deleted (or significantly corrected). The following webpages need to be updated to report the FACTS instead of the fiction they promote in favor of the wireless industry, thereby putting the country and the world at serious biological damage (e.g. wicked big cold-blooded lies such as “Current scientific evidence does not show a danger to any users of cell phones from radio frequency (RF) energy, including children and teenagers.” HOW DARE YOUR PROPOGATE SUCH SHAMELESS LIES?! CLEAN UP YOUR ACT. LIVE UP TO YOUR MORAL DUTIES DR. HAHN AND CLEAN UP THIS CORRUPTION FROM YOUR AGENCY *IMMEDIATELY*.

We am waiting for your quick action. Kindly let us know what you plan to do with the misinformation. We’re keeping all options open including legal action against the FDA.


Reza Ganjavi & Team


31 JUL 2020 

Reza Ganjavi


magna cum laude · Dean’s Honors · Phi Kappa Phi · Alpha Gamma Sigma

<email, phone>

Today I received a reply from Jeffrey E. Shuren's office which repeated the wicked wireless industry's lies.

Please add to the list of corrective answers below, that Mr. Shuren should resign because his department is either so incredibly ignorant, --or-- is influenced by the Wireless lobby whose presence we know to be widespread and powerful. I have also sent my complaint to the office of the Ombudsman for an investigation. This game FDA is playing is equivalent to the Church in Dark Ages which prosecuted arguments that the Earth is NOT flat.

Listen to Mr. Shuren's statement:  "The FDA stands by its determination that current safety limits are appropriate to protect public health."

That's like the Church saying in Dark Ages: Our head-in-the-sand, dogmatic belief system that tells us Earth is Flat, is sufficient for us.

Except now, there's billions of dollars of industry profits involved, but back then, it was just an ideological dogma. I am not accusing Mr. Shuren for taking money. They may have their head in the sand -- or -- influenced by the lobby -- or have intellectual conflict of interest -- whatever his reason is for IGNORING FACTS.

What this means is that FDA is a dogmatic (if not corrupt) agency that is INTENTIONALLY IGNORING CREDIBLE SCIENCE.  The current standards FDA cherishes COMPLETELY IGNORE BIOLOGICAL EFFECT OF RF-EMF. Half of you are doctors and should understand the gravity of that when 1000's of studies show biological damage at sub-thermal level but the FDA HAS CHOSEN TO IGNORE THAT, AND 100'S OF SCIENTISTS' plea that the standards are NOT adequate.  This is HIGHLY PROFITABLE for the wireless industry, its lobbyists who might be influencing the FDA.

Mr. Shuren's department's conclusion is dogmatic, false, out of touch with real science, and very profitable for the Wireless cartel worldwide.

I will not waste time presenting more evidence that you've already been presented. See the links in my last email (below) of the number of letters you've received which more than adequately put the FACTS IN YOUR FACT. But Donald Trump's Morally Corrupt FDA Prefers To Ignore The Facts. Yes, I do stand by my opinion that FDA is at least morally corrupt. Because it looks at sunshine and says it's night. And that is very profitable for certain entities -- that's just a fact but I have no evidence of financial corruption and so am not making that allegation.  It is for the Ombudsman to find out.

I ask you again, to TAKE YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE SAND. Look at the science. Tell the lobbyists if any to get the hell lost. Tell your powerful friends, people are breathing down our necks. Soon Trump will be history, and I hope FDA will go through a systemic cleanup to drain the swamp of dogmatic, stupid, ignorant, or corrupt determinations!

Reza Ganjavi


5 SEP 2020 

In response to my email below, FDA's CDRH ExecSec wrote what the Church wrote back in Dark Ages: Despite all the evidence we are convinced the Earth is Flat -- in other words, CDRH's words: "The FDA stands by its determination that current safety limits are appropriate to protect public health."

That's a lie. FDA must be in bed with the crooks and maybe you don't even know it -- or is so stupid and dogmatic that it believes the lies it is told! There's no other reason you would publish such lies on your website. Give me one good reason. How could you ignore such enormous body of credible research in favor of the wicked wireless industry which is also on record for lying to people about safety. Shame on you FDA -- you've forgotten what truth and scientific integrity means. Here's a shocker for you. You can't deny the credibility of these top experts:

So GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER FDA and clean up the mess you've created not just in the USA but in the world, by your stupid, dogmatic, crooked, deceptive, lies you're propagating.

FDA's history of corruption is nothing new. It took it YEARS to demand Conflict of Interest statements from AdComm panel members (instituted after the Dendreon fiasco where chemotherapy industry played its card in derailing immunotherapy).

I we on the FDA office of the Ombudsmann to investigate this fiasco and look into stock holding of FDA insiders, etc. -- this is a matter of life and death. FDA has effectively endorsed DNA-damaging radiation as safe despite 1000's of studies that show otherwise.

Shame on you FDA. CLEAN UP THIS MESS instead of constantly kissing up to Trump.

Reza Ganjavi


20 Dec 2020 

Reza Ganjavi's email following Ellie Marks' email below:

Looping in FDA's mbudsman via corrected email: 

@FDA, Onbudsman: Please see California Brain Tumor Institute's message under my message.

I repeat, the world (not just USA) looks up to FDA. Therefore, this BLUNT CORRUPTION at the FDA has resulted in FALSEHOODS, LIES, DECEPTION, ANTI-SCIENCE, to shamefully be propogated globally and help the wicked wireless industry. WHERE IS FDA'S OMBUDSMAN? OR IS THAT ALSO SUCKED INTO THE CORRUPTION?

FDA should remember the corruption in your first Provenge AdComm -- Howard Scher and Maha Hussai. It was only AFTER the damage was done (and chemotherapy industry got a 2 year competition-free break) that the FDA required CoI disclosure. How much more money does the wireless industry have to make before the wicked entities at FDA let go of their banner of lies? WHERE IS SCIENTIFIC INTEGRITY AT FDA? Surely it's 100% absent from FDA's corrupt stance of RF-EMR.


follow up EMAIL to fda BY ELLIE MARKS OF California Brain Tumor Association

You may already know this but just in case:

Dr. Jeffrey Shuren of the FDA seems to have taken it upon himself to perpetuate the mistruth that the RF exposure limits are fine and that there are no ill health effects from RF.

His wife, Allison Shuren,  is an attorney and rumor has it that her firm represents telecom.

Shuren is the person who sent this "scientific review" to Rep. Anna Eshoo (and possibly other MOCs - it has no signatories and was not peer reviewed or published.


Ellie Marks

California Brain Tumor Association

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