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Comments of Reza Ganjavi to the FCC 19-226 Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields

Reza Ganjavi
MBA, BSc Computer Science, BA Philosophy

Magna Cum Laude, UCI Dean’s Honors, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Gamma Sigma ·

Date: 16 June 2020

To: Dishonorable Ajit Pai, Chair FCC, ex-lawyer Verizon, effective spokesman of wicked wireless industry.

Subject: Proceeding Number 19-226

Let’s get this right: Your first excuse for totally ignoring biological effect is that you have no expertise. So you defer it to FDA, which conducts the NTP study, then you and your industry shills discredit and discard the report. Nice!! Beneficiary: Your industry.

Don't you get tired of batting for YOUR industry and labeling it as for American people? When are you going to STOP ignoring the facts and take your head out of the sand? You and your fellow commissioners are NOT stupid to let your kid sleep next to a WiFi router. And I’m sure you don’t want one of the “cancer sticks” / “death towers” near your house – but it’s ok for others, as long as YOUR industry prospers.

Ajit, do you believe in Karma? Your ancestors weren't joking. The Vedas and the holy books your ancestors read talks about it, but you seem completely clueless, as long as YOUR industry makes enough money. Whether you get bribed or not is irrelevant. I’m not alleging that you do. But conflict of interest takes other forms, including intellectual. And as Einstein said human stupidity is infinite. Sure seems to apply to you and your pals' (Brandan Carr et al.) ideas.

What part of "RF-EMF CAUSES BIOLOGICAL IMPACT WHICH IS *NOT* COVERED BY CURRENT SAFETY STANDARDS" do you NOT understand? I believe you're a coward Ajit. You can't think for yourself. You seem to be acting like a puppet of fashionable thinking propagated by BIG MONEY, in favor of your buddies in the industry, at the cost of ???

Cost of dumbing down of people by constant exposure to DNA-damaging cancerous radiation. Huge surge in suicide rates, drop dead incidents, cardiac arrest among youth, and utterly stupid events, various diseases, etc. -- all due to RF-EMF exposure.

Shame on you Ajit. Shame on you FCC. I hope you all go to hell and burn till eternity, if you believe in that, or that karma somehow catches up with you because of your LIES and total disregard for public health.

You still have a chance to repent and get this right: Start paying attention to REAL science not the science that’s prostitutes of the industry. Look at  and STOP batting for the wicked industry.

You’re paid to protect people against industry abuses. You’ve forgotten your role! Resign. You all should resign! And get ICNIRP to shut down too. Then have a party together and celebrate your mutual stupidity.

NOBODY needs faster downloads. NOBODY needs driverless cars, and other fake needs your industry is trying to shove people’s throats.  But we do need the integrity our DNA, well-being, health, strong immune system, etc., which your technology puts at risk.

Reza Ganjavi

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