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André Fauteux & Reza Ganjavi challenging Martin Röösli

by Reza Ganjavi

Two email threads below. One was started by André Fauteux (Editor/Publisher, La Maison du 21e siècle Magazine).

Reza Ganjavi (27 Oct 2019):

Martin Röösli's email sound like a joke to me. BERENIS' leadership (i.e., M. Roosli) is part of the ICNIRP cartel. Result can only be expected!

IARC is the most useless of any organization I've ever known, and I've worked for 2 UN bodies before (UN standing for Useless Nations) since IARC sat on its ass for YEARS and did NOTHING about the Emfscientist plea signed by over 200 real scientists specializing in EMF field. All to the benefit of industry. Laziness? Corruption? The ultimate cost is OUR HEALTH WHICH MATTERS. The whole  planet has been ruined by wireless pollution because  of the lazy (and  corrupt?)  UN's lack of action, and pro-industry stance of ICNIRP and its cronies. See:

Oh BAFU is copied. You can add that to the cartel -- led  by a Pianist !! and it's engaged in lying to public about safety -- just as Swisscom is on record for lying to public. Here's a proof of Swisscom's cold blooded lie to public about the serious matter of public safety.    Not very Swiss to be so dishonest!

My fellow Swiss people are educated to blindly trust the government and Big Business (by the way, Swisscom is 51% owned by the government). So the powers imagine they can get away with just anything.


Reza Ganjavi

A Swiss Citizen


Reza Ganjavi (28 Oct 2019):


UC Berkley's Professor Moskowitz called your so called meta-analysis / research paper as a "travesty": 

  • “...Roosli circulated a meta-analysis of cell phone use and brain tumor risk that he and his colleagues published in the recent issue of the Annual Review of Public Health. The most important finding that heavier cell phone use was associated with brain tumor risk was buried in the appendix and not discussed in the paper. The paper should have never been published!
  • The Roosli et al (2019) paper is a travesty and should have never been published. This is a good example of how the peer review system can be bungled by journal editors and/or manipulated by authors...
  • Roosli is a member of the "ICNIRP cartel”. See:

Would love to hear your comments!


André Fauteux (28 Oct 2019):

Dr Roosli,

Why did you not discuss the finding that heavier cell phone use was associated with greater ipsilateral brain rumor risk?


André Fauteux, Editor/Publisher


17 Feb 2019:

Martin Röösli: "You may check the website of ICNIRP"

Reza Ganjavi:

Martin, I think Dr. Hardell ( ) exhibits it much better than ICNIRP which is a cesspool of moral or intellectual or ideological corruption. Twisting facts, lying, is morally wrong. Doing so in matters of public health should be criminalized. ICNIRP's intentional neglect of biological impact is a disgrace. Their response to NTP was a lie. Their ties are very suspect. It's as bad as BAFU funding ETH's FSM. You call that kosher? FSM is an industry den that's been engaged in lying to Swiss people. Just as Swisscom has, and the Federal government itself. We have these all on record. Have you seen this?

We also have letters from BAG and BAFU lying to people about safety. You can't hold irrelevant standards as an excuse to lie. Outdated standards that don't even consider biological effect observed through thousands of studies, are less useful than toilette paper, let alone as a moral gauge. 

Martin, conflict of interest can take different forms. It doesn't have to be financial. Fanatics have an ideological conflict of interest. Their identity is tied to their belief. There's also intellectual conflict of interest. So don't pad yourself on the back. You seem like a fanatic to me -- blindly believing sexy statistics while those of us who've followed bio/pharma industry know how manipulative statistics can be.

Nobody can know your problem other than yourself, but from the outside, my guess is it's intellectual myopia -- believing a set of narrow minded, dogmatic, which the industry loves you for, and you love the attention. Head of Telecom Association of Switzerland, your pal, Christian Grasser was trying hard to stand up for you. It's fair to say Swisscom Loves Martin Röösli, so does the rest of the wicked industry that's engaged in lying to people about matters of public health.

In response to my remark that Martin Röösli has no degree in medicine or biology, and is not a medical doctor -- and therefore not qualified in my opinion to be the head of BERENIS (and the useless Health subcommittee of the industry den, the so-called Expert Group). His reaction was: Are you a medical doctor? Duh! I'm not the head of BERENIS or the Expert Group, so me being a medical doctor or not is utterly irrelevant. But your industry buddies stick out for you. You scratch their back with your going around discrediting credible science in favor of the industry, and them batting for you. 

My neighbor who came to your workshop at ETH (surprise?!) said you were comparing oxidative damage from food to oxidative damage from microwave pollution!!! Classy!

I encourage you to step down. Stop misleading people with your narrow-minded, industry biased, faulty ideas. It's really bad karma, because people listen to you and believe the same lies your buddies at the wicked industry tell them: That RF-EMF is safe. So they don't take measures to protect themselves. They welcome cell antennas, and they sit next to WiFi routers, and their DNA gets damaged, and their experience quality gets hampered, and some get cancer.

Knowing all that you know, you're be utterly wicked and/or stupid to let anybody you love sit next to a WiFi router or have a cell antenna near their house, but it's ok for strangers right?

The wicked industry you support (at least intellectually) has ruined our beautiful country. Central Zurich is zapped at some 6 Volt per meter and the low-lives are talking about boosting that mega-fold.

Martin, you know all too well the nobody needs faster download or driverless cars or internet of things. These are just fabrications of the wicked that loves you. They're nothing but business plans to create fake demand, and in the process ruin our world. People are you who are on the side of the industry are responsible for all that.

Here's a song you should listen to regularly which may create a spiritual awakening to you.

If and when it ever clicks in your brain, you should turn on the industry, and join goodness, and help us topple the wicked acts of the industry, and help their government backers stop lying to people and put our health ahead of the business plans of the industry (which they call "economy") -- an economy of people whose DNAs are damaged is good for nothing!

It's never too late to repent and wake up to facts, to what independent scientists who are not in the pocked of the industry are saying. Here are some links for you -- things you've been ignoring, but they'll never go away as hard painful facts for you and your industry buddies:


Reza Ganjavi, MBA

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