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7 Oct 2019

Dear Mr. Swantee

You have not responded to my list of 50 questions that I posed to you. I assume you couldn't, because your "Fake News" comment was nonsense, and what you call "Fake News" are facts -- very painful facts, such as the fact that high frequency EMF causes biological damage. You know this far too well if you give any value to numerous peer-reviewed studies that were NOT sponsored by your industry.

Here's a concrete observation of what you probably call "fake news". 5G is killing bees. Makes perfect sense if you care about real science, because there are ton of studies that show DNA damage, cancer, biological harm related to exposure to RF-EMF.

5G is killing bees:   I trust you understand the importance of bees to the entire eco-system, and our lives. 

It's never too late to regret about the distorted info your company has been feeding the public via your industry funded center at ETH (FSM) and spokesmen like Gregor Dürrenberger, and so on. It's never too late to start thinking the future of our country, its people, its bees and birds and every living organism which is at risk by your industry.

There is a lot of things you can do if you give more thought to Ethics, Morality, Responsibility, Health, Goodness, Honesty, and other such important values. You made a mistake of buying the 5G licenses. You should stand up and tell the Bund that. I'm sure they'll work out a refund. You'll become a hero. Sunrise, first company in the world that realized 5G is a losing business proposition, that 5G is bad for health (just as 4G is), and pulled out. Focus on other good important services you provide. IoT will NEVER fly. Autonomous vehicles will NEVER fly, and your 5G antennas will be fought with all our might. Your industry has already ruined our cities with 4G antennas, and our homes with WiFi routers that don't contain any instructions for safe us (e.g. inverse square law, risks of biological damage, etc.).

Wake up and take a stance. Don't worry, worst case is the Board will fire you, but at least you've stood for what's right, and you'll become a hero.

Best Regards,
Reza Ganjavi, MBA

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50 Questions to Sunrise CEO Olaf Swantee

By Reza Ganjavi 

20 May 2019

Mr. Olaf Swantee, CEO Sunrise Communications AG

Im Grafen 37, 8712 Stäfa, Switzerland

Hello Mr. Swantee

In a recent interview you downplayed concerns over 5G and referred to “fake news”.

  1. Is it fake news that thousands of studies have shown biological damage caused by RF-EMF (5G, 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.)?
  2. Is it fake news that today's standards which have allowed you to make a ton of money (at the cost of our health) are decades old, outdated, irrelevant?
  3. Is it fake news that today's standards only consider physics (thermal effect) and the only thing they guarantee is not getting burned?
  4. Is it fake news that today's standards do not at all consider biological damage that happens at sub-thermal levels?
  5. Is it fake news that your co-conspirator in this massive attack on our health, Swisscom, has admitted that RF-EMF causes DNA damage, cancer, etc., at sub-thermal levels?
  6. Is it fake news that hundreds of scientists who are peer-reviewed, published in RF-EMF have called on to the UN to revise the outdated standards to include biological damage?
  7. Is it fake news that Useless (United) Nations ignored the scientist call for years?
  8. Is it fake news that hundreds of scientists have asked the EU for a moratorium on 5G but it's been ignored due to pressures of your industry?
  9. Is your industry crooked and playing Russian Roulette with our health, and the health of other important members of our eco-system including insects, bees, birds, animals, plants, and even microbes?
  10. Is it fake news that your industry lies to people about health impacts of RF-EMF?
  11. Is it fake news that you KNOW perfectly well about the health impacts of RF-EFM? (if you don't, you'd be too ignorant to be Sunrise's CEO).
  12. Is it fake news that your industry has ruined our cities already with 4G? And not has upped the ante with 5G?
  13. Is it fake news that the level of RF-EMF currently in almost all Swiss cities is huge, and multiples above the safe limit (as stated in the Bioinitiative Report which that considers biological damage)? I've done reading of 6V/m in central Zurich which is hundreds of times above safe exposure limit. 
  14. Is it fake news that the level of RF-EMF currently in most Swiss homes which have your WiFi routers is huge, and hundreds of times above the safe limit?
  15. Is it fake news the cell towers and WiFi routers constantly pulsate and expose people to constant microwave radiation? (vs. cell phone which only pulsates when connected and in use).
  16. Is it fake news that we are being experimented on, and being "cooked" in a constant microwave oven which you all well knows causes DNA damage, without our consent?
  17. Is it fake news that your industry fights people who do NOT want your toxic "cancer sticks" in their neighborhoods? I call your cell towers cancer-sticks of 21st century. "Cancer sticks" used to refer to cigarettes. Your industry is worse than the tobacco industry which rampantly and knowingly lied to people about safety of cigarettes for years. Shame on you.
  18. Is it fake news that nobody who is informed should never ride in a driver-less car because of the level of radiation? Unless the person is stupid enough to want to drive a fast track path to cancer.
  19. Is it fake news that 99.9% of people today do NOT need faster downloads, especially when they're informed about the risks.
  20. Is it fake news that you as a major business has a responsibility in shaping user demand and therefore, cannot hide behind perceived demand for a fake service which has been created by your industry?
  21. Is it fake news that your industry has ruined not only our cities but our trains, Postbuses, and public areas with WiFi routers and cell towers?
  22. Is it fake news that your industry has done NOTHING to educate people about health risks of RF-EMF?
  23. Is it fake news that you've used Roger Federer's celebrity status to help you push this dirty technology on people?
  24. Is it fake news that our government and its regulators (BAFU, BAG, etc.) have failed to protect us and are engaged in misinforming public about real risks as known by current science (vs. using decades old, irrelevant standards as an excuse)? 
  25. Is it fake news that our Federal Government should have never sold you the license for 5G because it's a Russian Roulette on our health?
  26. Is it fake news that We The Swiss care about our health? We consume the highest rate of organic (bio) food in the world. Yet we're being forced into a microwave by your industry.
  27. Is it fake news that We The Swiss care about our environment which your industry has ruined by showering it 24x7 with RF-EMF to push your business.
  28. Is it fake news that We The Swiss care -- and even are freaks -- about safety and security? We have a gazillion rules every little thing.
  29. Is it fake news that RF-EMF emitting devices, service and technology that you sell have NOT been tested for safety against biological damage?
  30. Is it fake news that not even a single study shows that long-term exposure to RF-EMF is safe?
  31. Is it fake news that your industry lies to, and manipulates unassuming, good, simple people who have been educated to trust the government and businesses -- to believe that the burden of proof of safety is not on you?
  32. Is it fake news that Martin Röösli who has been helping the industry is the head of BERENIS which will make a key recommendation that will determine the future direction of this evil-acting industry?
  33. Is it fake news that your industry has funded FSM at ETH? Most people don't know FSM is an industry organization under the cloak of ETH. 
  34. Is it fake news that you've used Gregor Dürrenberger whose organization you fund, to deceive people into believing this dirty technology is safe?
  35. Is it fake news that our Federal and State Departments of Education are failing to educated people about the risks of this dominant technology despite us being exposed to it 24x7? Is that Dark Ages level of ignorance?
  36. Is it fake news that 5G is a fabrication of your industry for MAKING MONEY?
  37. Is it fake news that your industry doesn't care a bit about people's health?
  38. Is it fake news that your industry is greedy and it wasn't satisfied with "everybody and their mother" having a cell phone and internet at home – so it wanted more business, more money, and it fabricated totally fake needs? I have an MBA in marketing so I know all about your tactic to create need.
  39. Is it fake news that Internet of Things (IoT) is total nonsense because of it’s humongous cost on our health and privacy.
  40. Is it fake news that your industry LOVES collecting our data with 5G which it can then sell for real good money – as information is power – when you potentially would know everything about people, including how many toilette papers they use (think IoT).  
  41. Is it fake news that cell phones were never intended to be movie theaters and be used in a train to stream movies which not only damages one’s reproductive organs but exposes others to damaging radiation?
  42. Is it fake news that most people are completely ignorant about health risks of your dirty technology? Not only they’re not educated about it, they’re lied about it to think it’s safe – or at best, they’re lied to with your favorite myth that “the matter is not settled”. You damn well know it’s perfectly settled: RF-EMF CAUSES BIOLOGICAL DAMAGE.
  43. Is it fake news that the industry uses diversion tactics to avoid the health issues? (e.g. by promoting fake demand and supposed economic benefit in a country which is already very strong economically, has a record rate of millionaires, and has much "cleaner" means to grow its economy than microwaving its people, and then concealing the risk of biological damage!). I don't see any warnings about health impacts in your Roger Federer 5G commercials! 
  44. Is it fake news that numerous independent studies have shown that RF-EMF causes numerous adverse biological effects?
  45. Is it fake news that you are not stupid to let your child sleep near a WiFi router, yet you say nothing to your customers about dangers of WiFi?
  46. Is it fake news that fiberoptic is much faster and safer than wireless?
  47. Is it fake news that a senior professor called 5G the most stupid thing in the history of humanity?
  48. Is it fake news that so many top scientists, professors, doctors, who are not in the pocked of your industry, are absolutely appalled about what your industry is doing?
  49. Is it fake news that industry CEOs need to rise up to own morality and conscience (that’s if there is any), and fight for people instead of fighting against our health. You can fight for us, by pressuring change from within the industry, to tighten the current standards, to educate people, to provide safe wireless service, to promote use of wired internet, to ban wireless in schools, to help schools with wired network infrastructure, etc. etc.
  50. Is it fake news that you need to STOP deployment of 5G, need to roll back and remove your small cells, request a refund from the Swiss Federal Council and say look, I’ve woken up to the facts, I am going to stop denying facts, I’m going to stop the deceptive practices of making people believe this technology is safe, I’m going to be on the side of people because I care for them, for my kids, their kids, and our future, and our planet.
  51. Is it fake news that insurance companies are refusing to insure the industry against damage caused by exposure to RF-EMF? 
  52. Is it fake news that bees are dying due to 5G? See video here.

You do this Olaf, and you’ll rise to a hero, and you’ll help the world change for the better, and you’ll sleep better at night, and your children and grandchildren will look back at you with gratitude, you’ll be their hero, instead of the man who used our top celebrity to push a dirty, untested, unsafe, unnecessary technology onto people. Take a chance that Sunrise Board will fire you. You will be JUST fine. Just do it Olaf. It’s never too late to repent. Be a hero. Fight for goodness, for health, for God if you believe, for love, for well-being, for the planet, for people, for your children and their children. There’s more to life than money.

PS -- For God's sake pull down that Federer Youtube video. It's misleading hundreds of thousands of people.

Best Wishes

Reza Ganjavi

MBA, BSCS, BA Phil, magna cum laude · Phi Kappa Phi · Alpha Gamma Sigma

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