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Letter to/about Mr. Joseph Edelman

by Reza Ganjavi

Dear All

For those of you not familiar with Mr. Joseph Edelman, here are some excerpts from his biography:

He's a grandson of a Jewish emigrant who came to the USA with no money. His grandmother died from brain cancer. His father was a renowned scientist. He spent time in Israel and said the talent there was extraordinary. Years later, Mr. Edelman, as a biotech analyst, and self-made billionaire hedge fund manager, took a sizable position in Foamix, a biotech company with a topnotch science developed by Israeli scientists. It was later merged/acquired by an American company, VYNE Therapeutics, and is now trading on Nasdaq as VYNE. Mr. Adelman's Perceptive Advisors still owns a significant stake in VYNE. Last quarter he upped his stake in VYNE by $5,000,000.

Perceptive's focus is small- and mid-cap biotechs, and it's done really well.

Mr. Edelman takes a particular interest in mental health, and has done a lot of good work in that area.

@Mr. Edelman, if you're reading this,  first, thanks for your support of VYNE.  Second, please check out the field of microwave pollution. Several credible studies link it to mental health and cognitive issues, aside from numerous medical conditions.

The wireless industry with backing from FCC and FDA, has become one of the biggest cases of evil in human history.  Their entire agenda is based on lies and misinformation. FDA has posted an outright lie on their website, which has become a point of reference worldwide (1).  FCC is in bed with the industry (2). Scientists worldwide are crying about the topic but a corrupt UN/WHO/IARC/ICNIRP has turned a deaf ear (3).

Not a single study show long term exposure to RF-EMF to be safe. Thousands show harm. Please support entities like Environmental Health Trust (4), and The Environment and Cancer Research Foundation (5), Americans for Responsible Technology (6).

Here's my site about the topic:

Kind Regards
Reza Ganjavi




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