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To:  Economiesuisse / Fédération des entreprises suisses / Verband der Schweizer Unternehmen (

To: Dominique Rochat, Kurt Lanz, Lukas Federer et al.,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Your article regarding 5G myths is misleading, and contains grossly and materially FALSE information to deceive the public about the dangers of 5G, and downplay those dangers. For example, you state that the opponents "sometimes rely on erroneous assertions and misleading arguments". But you just did that yourself -- you made an erroneous assertion and a misleading argument because you conveniently "forgot" to mention the truth about the HEALTH RISKS. In fact you continue to lie:

"There is no conflict between the protection of health and the easing demanded by the business community."

That's a flat out lie. There's a HUGE conflict. Only entities and their puppets who want to make it look like everything is ok as they shove carcinogenic radiation down our throats think otherwise. If there wasn't a conflict why would so many scientist appeal to the UN and EU? Have you seen these documents? I bet you have but since it doesn't fit in your agenda you failed to mention the health risks and even lied about them.

"countless studies have been conducted on the effects of mobile phone and laptop radiation on health. No systematic risk has been demonstrated so far."

You "forgot" again to mention that large majority of studies that are not funded by the very entities you try to protect, have shown damage. Thousands of studies show biological damage. The recommendation of WHO doesn't count -- it's based only on PHYSICS and decades old studies. Look at the scientific videos / and summary of this site for some enlightening info that shatters your lies.

In terms of need, nobody needs faster downloads. This is a fabricated, fake need of the industry. And nobody needs driverless cancer cars which are zapped at several Volts/m of HF-EMF.

STOP lying to people. Read these and get yourself educated and SPEAK THE TRUTH and not what's profitable for your agenda. Also, since you wrote this article, National Toxicology Center has released results from a 20 year study that debunks your lies. Sorry for you! -- --

By the way if Swisscom is your member, we caught them lying to public. Shame! Here's the proof:

Reza Ganjavi

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