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Calling out CNN's Lies 

- by Reza Ganjavi  

14 June 2020

To: Clare Duffy (

via Fax: Mr. Jeffrey Adam Zucker, CEO, CNN 4048272600

Copy: CNN Senior Management

Ms. Duffy:

Your article about 5G ( is a HUGE let down of science, of dignity integrity and every positive value that true scientific spirit stands for, and a miserable failure in journalistic integrity.

I demand that you immediately remove, or correct your garbage article which is FULL of falsehoods and cold-blooded lies.  Did you even bother researching the topic? Or did your bosses dictate it to you, and told you who to talk to to get the industry lines, in favor of whomever is pulling their strings.

When the wicked wireless industry spends a $100m/year buying members of congress, buying CNN is a piece of cake for it. I don't have the facts, but your pathetic articles makes it hard to believe such a trash can be written without influence by beneficiaries.

I don't have time to waste on educating your ignorant mind. But you can even use Google (you know how?) to get yourself some free education before you spew your stupid ideas and deceive the masses about a critical matter of public health; and thereby, convincing your readers to utilize a very dangerous technology that has not been shown via even ONE long-term study, to be safe.

Your authority is a man who's been in the pocked of the industry, Hello! What happened to balanced journalism?

Read here for more info on Kenneth Foster:

Your article completely ignored the fact that even 4G is not safe. Even WiFi, Bluetooth are not safe. Your article conveniently ignores the call of hundreds of scientists who have done research on the topic, and have peer-reviewed publications on it that show RF-EMF (5G, 4G, WiFi, etc.) are BIOLOGICALLY damaging. Did you figure out that the standards are only based on PHYSICS (thermal effect) and therefore totally ignore our biology?!

Did you know thousands of studies show biological impact?

Let me know what you plan on doing with this article because as is, it's a HUGE violation of people's basic rights to fair journalism. and we will consider legal action to force you to retract that garbage, if you don't cooperate. And whomever is pulling your strings will be very embarrassed. Or did you come up with this disastrous article on your own?

Here are a few of many links to enlighten you. (particularly see the scientist video section)

etc. etc.

Take your head out of the sand Clare. You have a RESPONSIBILITY to the society. Otherwise you'd be a mouthpiece of big industry, a slave of money, to do anything they want for money. If that's not the case, WAKE UP. Tell your editor to delete that piece of junk, fix it, then post it, or delete it altogether.

You can reach me on <>

Reza Ganjavi, MBA

Sent to:

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