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“Things which matter most (our health) must never be at the mercy of things which matter least (download speed)." Goethe -- Wake Up Frau Sommaruga & Remove Martin Röösli from BERENIS
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More than 180 scientists and doctors from 36 nations have demanded “a moratorium on the roll-out of 5G until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry. RF-EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment.” ( 


We the Swiss, care about our health and our environment. For example, Switzerland has the highest rate of per-capita consumption of organic (biological) food in the world, and one of the lowest obesity rates. Our nature is the envy of the world and we work hard at preserving it. 4G has totally polluted our cities and nature with toxic RF-EMF. 5G will make it much worse. Our health and environment are more important than the fake needs the industry has promoted to make money.

We the people of Switzerland demand the following: 
  1. Immediate moratorium on deployment of 5G until safety of 5G is established. This may require refunding of the license fees to the industry by the Federal Government.
  2. Disallow increase of the current limit values ​​of the NISV/ORNI and disallow the averaging of measurements over 24 hours.
  3. Simonetta Sommaruga should educate herself about this topic, so she can think for herself and is not manipulated by the lies of the industry and their shills.
  4. Closure of the deceptive “Forschungsstiftung Strom und Mobilkommunikation (FSM)”, or at least disassociating it from ETH.
  5. Removal of Martin Röösli from the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN / BAFU)’s expert group on electromagnetic fields and non-ionising radiation (BERENIS).
  6. Immediate halt to 5G advertising.
  7. Criminal action against some entities in the industry for lying to people about safety. “Standards” cannot be used as an excuse when there’s proof that they know about the harms, yet they lie to people that it’s safe.
  8. A halt to public deception using the line “no study shows harms”. Thousands of studies have shown harm. The industry has the burden of proof that RF-EMF (including 5G) is safe.
  9. Stop using outdated “standards” which ignore biological damage, even if the rest of the world uses it. We are leaders not blind followers.
  10. Inclusion of training about RF-EMF’s health hazards, and safer use of the technology in school curriculum.
  11. Forbidding cell towers and WiFi routers in schools.
  12. Mandating that the industry limits WiFi bandwidth to 2.4 GHz.
  13. “No-radiation wagons” (like “no smoking wagons” in every train to accommodate electrosensitive people, and those who do not like to risk their health because the person next to them wants to stream a movie on his phone (which was never the intended use of a phone).
  14. Disallowing use of WiFi and Bluetooth in all flights to and from Switzerland, or requiring every flight to have a “No RF-EMF” zone, like flights used to have a “no smoking” zone.
  15. Instead of spending money on 5G which is unnecessary and unhealthy, money should be spend connecting every home to high-speed, zero-radiation, secure fiber-optic cables.
  16. Government’s top priority should be preserving life and health. Stop putting money, economy ahead of our health. Switzerland is not a poor country. Our economy is strong. We do not need to sacrifice our people’s health, and fast track them to cancer for the sake of fake needs (e.g. faster downloads).



5G will require mass deployment of thousands of cell antennas all over the country. 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, WiFi emit microwaves known as radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF). Current safety standards were established decades ago, and only guarantee that the skin is not burnt. Thousands of newer studies have clearly established serious biological harm as result of RF-EMF exposure, which is completely ignored by current standards.

In 2015, more than 247 published EMF scientists from 42 nations petitioned the United Nations to tighten and update the outdated standards, in order to lower human exposure. Their call was completely ignored by the United Nations. ( 

In the last few years, our cities, residential building tops, school grounds, and our homes, have been flooded with RF-EMF, cell towers, WiFi routers.

The precautionary principle must prevail. We demand that a moratorium on 5G will be introduced without delay. Also, any increase of the current limit values of the NISV/ORNI, and averaging of measurements over 24 hours must be disallowed.

In 2018, the world's largest study of the effects of radio frequencies, conducted by the National Toxicology Program (NTP), showed a statistically significant increase in the incidence of brain and heart cancers in animals exposed to electromagnetic fields. below the guidelines of ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) followed by most countries (See below notes about ICNIRP in the “Martin Röösli” section). These results are corroborated by human epidemiological studies on radiofrequency radiation and the risk of brain tumors.

Thousands of studies have confirmed biological harm from RF-EMF exposure. Not even a single study shows safety from long-term exposure. These harms include autism, Alzheimer disease, various cancers, depression, glioma, acoustic neuroma, leukemia, disrupting cell metabolism including brain glucose, DNA chain breaks, digestive disorders, headaches, fatigue, tumors, genotoxicity, thinning of blood-brain-barriers, auto-immune diseases, etc.

Even low level microwave has been shown to alter the permeability of the blood-brain barrier and cause albumin leakage into the brain – even more in young people. Scientist are extremely concerned about this.

Bluetooth has been shown to have damaging impact since it is also RF-EMF, yet, even many young children use Bluetooth-enabled devices.



 Swiss people are being deceived, fooled by false arguments of the industry and its government protector. Don’t forget that over 50% of Swisscom shares are owned by the confederation. One of the deceptive lies and lines used by the industry and the government is that “no studies show harm”. This is an cold lie. The burden of proof is on the industry to show that RF-EMF, and for now, 5G, is harmless. We need independent studies that are not funded, controlled, manipulated by the industry to demonstrate safety. Until then, 5G must be stopped. We are not guinea pigs for profit centers.  

This quotes applies to us the people of Switzerland: "The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit. We cannot leave anything to doubt." Céline Fremault, Environment Minister



The industry (Swisscom, Sunrise, UPC, Salt...) have not been socially responsible in adequately informing the public about the risks. Instead, some of them have lied to people, and misinformed us. For example, in a patent application, Swisscom declared RF-EMF to have genotoxic effect which is not just thermal (basis of current standards):

“Genotoxic effect of electromagnetic radiation is elicited via a non-thermal pathway. Moreover aneuploidy is to be considered as a known phenomenon in the increase of cancer risk. Thus it has been possible to show that mobile radio radiation can cause damage to genetic material, in particular in human white blood cells, whereby both the DNA itself is damaged and the number of chromosomes changed. This mutation can consequently lead to increased cancer risk."

Yet, Swisscom is on record for lying to people by saying RF-EMF is safe.


The Federal Government pocketed ~380M SFr. by selling licenses for 5G which is not tested for safety. In order for a moratorium to happen, the government should consider refunding this amount and STOP 5G NOW until there’s indication of safety.

The government regulators (BAFU, BAG, etc. – [get French acronyms for these agencies] ) have failed to do their job, which is to protect us. Their excuse has been “the standards”, which are totally inadequate. And when they assemble a review committee (BERENIS), they put an industry proponent, Martin Röösli as its leader! This must change. We demand immediate removal of Martin Röösli from BERENIS.



According to research conducted by

Röösli also works for the Research Foundation for Mobile Radio and Electricity (FSM), which was founded and financed by the industry. It systematically denies the risks of radiation. He is also a member of a NGO with the misleading name International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation (ICNIRP). It is an association of 14 members, initiated by industry and military circles, which has to answer for far too high radiation limits internationally and also in Switzerland.  

It is also well documented that the WHO project on the health risks of mobile communications is being instructed by the ICNIRP association. Therefore, it is not surprising that the new advisory group for non-ionizing radiation (BERENIS) of the Federal Office for the Environment is headed and administered by the ICNIRP member Martin Röösli. The circle closes and it should be clear that the goat was made a gardener. 

[German version: THIS HAS A FEW EXTRA SENTENCES THAT NEED TO BE REMOVED TO CORRESPOND TO THE ABOVE ENGLISH VERSION] Röösli ist zudem für die Forschungsstiftung Mobilfunk und Strom (FSM) tätig, die von der Industrie gegründet wurde und finanziert wird. Sie leugnet systematisch die Risiken von Strahlung. Er ist auch Mitglied einer NGO mit der irreführenden Bezeichnung internationale Kommission für nicht-ionisierende Strahlung (ICNIRP). Es handelt sich dabei im einen von Industrie- und Militärkreisen initiierten Verein mit 14 Mitgliedern, der international und auch in der Schweiz die viel zu hohen Grenzwerte für Strahlung zu verantworten hat. Weshalb legt Martin Röösli seine Interessenbindungen zur Mobilfunkindustrie nicht offen?

Es ist zudem ausführlich dokumentiert, dass das Projekt der WHO zu den gesundheitlichen Risiken des Mobilfunks vom ICNIRP-Verein instruiert wird. Es wundert deshalb nicht weiter, dass die neue Beratungsgruppe für nichtionisierende Strahlung (BERENIS) des Bundesamtes für Umwelt ausgerechnet durch das ICNIRP-Mitglied Martin Röösli geleitet und administriert wird. Der Kreis schliesst sich und es sollte klar sein, dass der Bock zum Gärtner gemacht wurde.


The deception machine is strong. Within ETH, there’s a unit funded by Swisscom, Sunrise, etc., “Forschungsstiftung Strom und Mobilkommunikation (FSM)” whose role seems to be to help the industry continue this mass deception. Sunrise’s website refers to Gregor Dürrenberger of FSM who tells the public the radiation is “very low level” which is a lie. Swiss cities, companies, homes, and public places are exposed to multiple Volts/meter of RF-EMF, which is 150 to 200 times more than the safe limit according to the most credible independent research ( and hundreds of independent scientists. FSM needs to be dissolved, or at least be decoupled from ETH. It dilutes ETH’s respectability and received undeserved credibility by being associated with such a prestigious universities.  



The Swiss Tennis icon Roger Federer has been helping Sunrise push this untested, unhealthy technology onto people. Sunrise is widely advertising 5G using Federer. This must stop. We call on Mr. Federer to STOP supporting 5G NOW.  



Whether a person feels it or not, RF-EMF harms everyone. Around 800,000 people in Switzerland are sensitive enough to feel the microwave cooking of their being. They feel all kinds of adverse symptoms. In multiple countries, including our neighbors, Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is recognized as a valid debilitating fact. 5G will make the already intolerably polluted cities even worse for everyone, whether EHS or not.

Being exposed to toxic radiation that’s not tested for safety is a violation of our basic human rights under the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Being subject to this reckless experiment, is unethical and a violation of Article 5 of the Nuremberg Code.

“RF-EMF is damaging the living cells in our bodies and killing many of us prematurely. We are all part of a large biological experiment, without our informed consent. The BIOLOGICAL facts are being ignored, and as a result, the safety limits are much too high. THEY ARE NOT PROTECTIVE!” Dr. Martin Blank, Professor of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, Columbia University

The population, in schools and otherwise, do not get any education or awareness around the health hazards of RF-EMF. Instead they’re lied to. The industry enjoys this lack of awareness. Because when people find out what’s being done to them, they will arise.

So we have arisen, and we will arise together in Bern on 10 May 2019, to say that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It’s enough of deception and lies, and it’s enough of exposing us to toxic radiation.

4G and WiFi have already ruined our homes, cities, buses, trains, hospitals, and other public areas. 5G will make it much worse. It need to immediately stop, until independent studies have given scientists who are not in the pocket of the industry, confidence that it is biologically safe. STOP 5G NOW.


The need for 5G is a fake need created by the industry which wants more and more money. It’s a fake business plan. Nobody needs faster download for any reasonable day to day purpose. Our health cannot be sacrificed because the fake need created by the industry that some gamer would want to play games on a mobile device, needing low latency. S/he can do so in a much better, safer, faster, and more secure way, using wired-internet.

Instead of investing in this senseless technology, money should be spent connecting every home to fiberoptic cables which provide incredibly fast and secure internet – far better than 4G and 5G.

Nobody in their right mind would ride in a car without a driver which emits multiple Volts/meter of toxic radiation. IoT (Internet of Things) is absolutely not necessary, especially at the huge cost of being exposed to toxic radiation. Billions of devices getting connected will significantly increase environmental toxicity.

Millimeter wave (5G) RF-EMF is used in military-grade weapons such as crowd-control Active Denial Systems (ADS).



The World Health Organization has classified RF-EMF as a possible human carcinogen. Since then, some of the scientists involved in that rating have stated that RF-EMF should be classified as a human carcinogen.

Yet, the industry lies to people about safety, the society is completely uneducated and misinformed about it, to the point that even our schools are completely polluted by RF-EMF.   

“I think anyone who puts WiFi into a school should be locked up for the rest of their life.  I think they're not fit to walk on the surface of this planet.” Barrie Trower, Navy Microwave Weapons Expert 

School curriculum should include education on RF-EMF, and guidelines for safer use of this technology. Currently this is completely missing and the populous are uninformed, and misinformed by myths and lies of the government and the industry, such as “no studies show harm” – that’s a lie. Or: “there is no consensus” – that’s a lie: independent scientists who are not in the pocket of Big Wireless, unequivocally say RF-EMF is biologically damaging.



5G, and IoT mean everything about us will be known via collected data. That data will be extremely valuable, and will be sold as a commodity. Our privacy is at stake as 5G facilitates tracking individuals, their habits and consumptions.


5G will require the polluting extraction of a staggering amount of additional resources to build billions of connected devices and hundreds of millions of antennas. It is time to stop this frantic, needless and destructive consumerism and begin to take care of the Earth rather than continue to exploit it excessively. In addition, these precious minerals for making telephones and other electronic devices are very often extracted under terrible conditions, most often by young children who are practically slaves. We do not want to be complicit in their condition. We want to take these children out of these mines and not push them further! Let's open our eyes!

Various studies have observed negative impact of RF-EMF on insects, migratory birds, bees, and other wildlife. Today, there is an alarming decline in insects and a sixth mass extinction. We demand that the government's top priority be to preserve life / health. Instead of focus on 5G which nobody needs, effort should be directed towards the restoration of the Earth and its ecosystems which is currently so badly handled.

There are reports of trees being cut down to make room for 5G since leaves have been shown to obstruct the range. This is a crime against nature.

5G is a road to catastrophe. Our children have the right to have a future on our beautiful Earth.

5G is tested for safety, it is not healthy, it is biologically damaging to humans and environment, and it is not necessary.  

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