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This is the California battle of our lives. Telecom has stealthily introduced bills in both houses. The Senate Bill gives Telecom control over all public poles, and the Assembly bill literally removes "municipal" oversight of antennas from the state constitution.

Need local electeds to oppose before the deadlines below and organizations and individuals to oppose as well.  Opposition needs to be filed through the legislative portal. Go to the committee websites and establish an account and password to upload your opposition.

The Federal Infrastructure bill includes funding for broadband, but there is a preference for wired fiber optic to and into the premises because it is easier to upgrade (future!), more reliable (in weather storms and FIRES), it is MUCH more energy efficient, more cyber secure, faster and with better voice quality, safer. If set up as a municipal utility (even partnering with private companies), it can make money for the city or county and the municipality can subsidize low-income residents.  If Telecom puts an antenna on every pole and municipalities are removed from their constitutional role, we will never bridge the digital divide and never have wired internet.

AB 537 Quirk (D) comment deadline April 8 5pm and hearing on April 14 Ass Loc Gov

You need to look at earlier versions to see that municipal control is deleted from the constitution!

SB 556 Dodd (D) comment deadline April 14 5pm and hearing on April 19 Sen Energy Util Communications.

The League of CA Cities has taken a position on SB 556 -- Hopefully they will oppose AB 537 too.

SB 556 Sample City Opposition Letter

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