By Reza Ganjavi 

LIE #1: 5G is safe because it runs at same frequency as 4G
FACT: 4G is not safe either. There's NOT even one study that shows long term exposure to any RF-EMF is safe (5G, 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth...).

LIE #2: You need faster download, driverless cars, internet of things (IoT), and we need 5G for economic expansion.
FACT: No you don't! These are allfake needs created by industry's business model. No we don't! Our economy is just fine as is, and we should NEVER pay for money with people's health!

LIE #3: Only hyper-sensitive people are hurt by RF-EMF.
FACT: Top EMF scientists / professors who are not prostitutes of the industry have said RF-EMF hurts everyone, whether you feel it or not.

[Industry uses this lie to say that the problem is with SOME people who feel it -- but NO! It hurts EVERYONE]

LIE #4: Current standards are sufficient to ensure safety.
FACT: Current standards are decades old and are based on thermal effect ONLY. Wicked UN, industry, government regulators, ICNIRP have ignored thousands of studies that show biological damage, in favor of the crooked wireless industry.

LIE #5: The topic of safety is not settled and is a matter of opinion. 
FACT: The topic of safety is well established. Just industry prostitutes like to ignore a large body of credible studies that show biological effect.

LIE #6: That 5G and IoT (Internet of Things) is good for the climate.
FACT: 6G and IoT are disasters for ALL LIFE ON EARTH. Living beings are part of the greater eco-system. RF-EMF wrecks immune system and leads to numerous disease. Also the production of equipment for this absolutely useless idea (IoT) is very bad for the environment. Also having the Earth and space (satellites) covered by 5G is extremely polluting for the entire ecosystem, and that includes birds and bees, plants, and other important contributions of whole of existence, and therefore the eco system. 
LIE #7: Since more people are working from home 5G is needed to service them.  
FACT: More people working from home can easily use wired internet which they already have available, which is faster, cleaner, safer, and causes no health damage.

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