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To: Sean Davis, Chairman, Baltimore Planning Commission

1414 Key Highway, Suite 201P  Baltimore, MD 21230 Phone: 410-935-5050

Sean Davis:

As a human I am ashamed of us from having a person like you sit there, interrupt residents of Baltimore when they raise concerns about their health.

How would YOU feel if you had health issues? If you had cancer, or were about to get cancer? Would you think of yourself preempted to raise concerns about it?

You kept interrupting people like a robot, repeating the lines that are dictated to you by the FCC and the crooked industry that’s protected by that captured agency.

You have a brain – you have a responsibility to use it. You also have a heart – whether it’s made of iron or money, I don’t know – but you don’t seem to be using your brain or your heard. Let me help you:

YOU CAN CHALLENGE THE FEDS. You don’t have to be their slave, subservient, puppet. You CAN challenge them, and the people will stand behind you and fight for their rights against this atrocity.

Have you used your brain to read the studies ? There are THOUSANDS of them that show serious health damage from exposure to RF-EMF.

The masters (Verizon, FCC, etc.) are on record for lying to people. The “standards” they use are decades old and are based only on physics (thermal effect) and completely ignore biological damage. WAKE UP and STOP batting for those crooked masters who dictate the lines you keep using “we are preempted”. CHALLENGE IT. There are other cities that are challenging it.

Fight for health, goodness, wellbeing of people, and not the criminal conspiracy to impose an UNTESTED, UNSAFE, UNNECESSARY, TOXIC technology onto people against their will, just because the crooked industry likes to make weak people like you to believe you need faster downloads (which are much faster and more securely achieved by fiber optic cable connections) – or you’re stupid enough to want to go into an extremely zapped driverless car in a fast track to cancer.

You can’t pass the buck to legislatures. You have a responsibility to stand up and say NO. Or resign. If enough of people like resign and not bat for these evil powers, this evil conspiracy will significantly weaken.

“If it goes into the heath side in any way, I’m stopping it” SHAME ON YOU !! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!

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