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About Swisscom/NZZ (Neuen Zürcher Zeitung), Etc.
By Reza Ganjavi


Organized deception of public and propagation of misleading info by Swisscom, NZZ, etc.

Throughout the world, the Wireless industry is engaged in deceiving the public about health issues with high frequency wireless radiation. In Switzerland, which is supposed to be an honest place, this deception is also very prevalent.

The key reason behind it is MONEY. The basic idea is, a technology which is absolutely not needed needs to be shoved down people's throats, so people they have to brainwashed into believing they need faster downloads and autonomous (cancer) cars, and that the radiation is safe (which it's not) and on top of that people will have to pay for something that they don't need and is unhealthy for them.

That's a tough job to pull off by the industry alone -- so NZZ and other mass media need to come to its help -- 20Minutes gets a LOT of money publishing absolutely ridiculous propaganda for this dirty technology.

Luckily Swiss people have internet and can check facts for themselves and don't have to rely on the stupidities that NZZ and Big Money, Big Wireless try to feed them. I don't know what NZZ thinks, that people are stupid? In their last terrible article which is a disgrace to our health, they say such cunning things as "no studies show harm". This is a deceptive statement when it does not also state that there are no studies that show lack of harm! Studies don't need to show harm. There are no studies that show lack of harm! That's key. AND, there are lot of studies that show RF-EMF is harmful. And so on -- I will draft a letter to the CEO of NZZ soon and call his bullshit out.

What NZZ and similar tools do, is the same as newspaper in 1940's saying, oh, doctors smoke cigarettes, and cigarettes haven't proven to be harmful. Swisscom know the dangers of RF-EMF. They put it in their patent filing. I'll dust it off and post it here. The 4G they've blanketed our streets with is extremely bad for people, and they know it. Industry knows the harms. But they tell people it's safe.

Central Zurich is unbearable, for example. Same with St.Gallen, etc. etc. -- yesterday I got a reading of 3 V/m in central ZH. Safe limit is 0.02 V/m. HELLO!

The tough part of this war they waged on our health is the government is in on it. They just had revenue of 330M CHF, and their regulators are busy telling things to people that do not have current scientific grounds. They always refer to the standards that are no longer applicable and are superseded by better, more current science.

So this is the toughest war of our lifetime -- war of science, truth, goodness, health vs. big money, deception, lies.

We need to win this war, and together we can do it. When Swiss people wake up to the facts and stop buying the nonsense that NZZ, Swisscom, Salt, Sunrise, BAFU, BAG, etc., are telling them, nothing can stop us.

See for some great scientist videos, studies, etc.

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